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Can You Hear My Heart Cry

"A lost love brings forth questions."
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Published 8 years ago
Pathways to new lovers
Lit by pale moonlight.
Whispers of desire echo
Their hunger in the night.

Endless devotion promised
Comes from deep within
Perpetual affections are
Journeys we freely begin.

Desire burns in endless flames,
Enraged passion to our core,
Trickling sweat, molten lava
Is when I became yours.

Our journey suddenly halted,
The scales heavy on one side.
For me there was no warning
Your devotion, it had died.

Can you hear my heart cry,
'I wish you were here'?
I sit alone and wonder
Why my sunlight disappeared.

Bitter cold, winter frost
Where sunbeams once pranced.
Stinging insects buzzing
Where butterflies once danced.

I wish that you had waited
Just stalled, for one more day.
I tried to send a letter but
You had already flown away.

My letter would have told you
I completely understood,
The true meaning of the words
You were unsure I ever would.

Now we will never know
If at last we had it right.
I wish you hadn’t flown away
Before the new sunlight.

Can’t you hear my heart crying
'I wish that you were here?
I’m here alone and wonder how
My sun could just disappear.

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