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Devotion Stories


Perfect Love

Nothing could be better . . .

The whir of your approach is feltPreceding your arrivalElectric waves pulse through the airThe atmosphere alive With silver shivers of your touchBefore I feel your handsAnd visceral excitementEnvisioning our plans My mind flits like a crazy beeNo non-us t...

Friendship Is Love And Devotion.

The world best friendship, even God agrees.

Friendship is love and devotion Something sacred, filled with emotion Some don't get the serious notion That some friendships run deeper than the ocean This is my devotion to my friend A friendship I know will never end All my love to her I send Our mutua...

My Great Wowa

you are my one and only...

You are the one, The light of my life. You mean the world to me, Morning, noon and night. You are my heart, My soul's only desire. You are everything good, My spirit's only fire. Through the good and bad, By you I'll always stand. For me, You're the only...

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Gidealis Enigma Chapter 34

The sign of the Rose is too hot to touch... Only love will heal the pain.

Chapter 34 The Sign of the Rose “I have the information that will stop the war on Ashtarma. Don’t you have any mercy?” I turn to Yasen. His eyes grow big and he enters my mind, hurting me in the process again. No, they don’t care about the bloodbath on As...

It has been some time and I am still here. Did you think like the others I would go? It will be some time more before you know How much you have meant and how you are dear. Asking for little I stand by your side, Giving with nothing expected from you. Off...

Max and Rosie

A husband takes tender care of his wife who has Alzehimer's

The shrill sound of the tea pot screaming shattered Max’s reverie. He was remembering when he and Rosie met forty years ago. He looked down at the cup, breathing a deep sigh, remembering the vision of the two of them rowing down the Charles River that May...

The Key

finding love again

You said "I love you.. what does that mean"? Your voice quivering in doubt. Lost and confused as you ever have been, Not knowing what your love was about.. Sorrow and regret surrounded by guilt, Your feelings unsure and kept hidden. The strongest bond tha...

His face was once a hard wall, a mask behind which he hid every emotion.Slowly, Day by day, I patiently chipped away,Piece by piece.And now...when he smiles,It takes my breath away.