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Celestial Siblings

"A poem I wrote for my nephew..."

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The starless Sky prepares for a celebration;
Gathering the Clouds, her children - with boundless jubilation.
She paints them all in black and grey;
And lets them all, have fun and play.
Of them, the 'Gentle'; they dance a Heavenly dance;
But the 'Fierce'; they just wrestle with their mighty hands.
That's when I crash the party, pure and blinding white;
Turning the night into disco day, flashing and burning bright.
I strike and sizzle, Lightning is my eternal name;
Blessed with such power, that no one shall ever tame.
Booming and shaking, follows my little brother;
Thunder - we call him, an awesome addition to our weather.
He rumbles and grumbles, always hungry;
A Rock n Roll lover, careless and free.
Never without the other, together we sing;
Though am a bit too fast, for my sonic sibling.
Not always, does our sister grant presence;
But everyone knows, she is all life's essence.
Gentle and pretty, Rain is most merciful;
Nourishing all she touches; making Earth beautiful.
Beware her fury, when she works up a temper;
She floods all from sight, and one can only whimper.
So this is my family - Lightning, Thunder and Rain;
We all like to crash Sky's party, every now and again!!!

Written by Starlyt
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