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2 years ago

Something Happened

Charlie was beginning to feel pretty mellow when he saw the air in front of him waver.

Charlie Jones attended a party of friends and acquaintances in one of the trendy studio apartments near Washington Square on the lower east side of Manhattan. Charlie brought some beer, one of the girls brought wine. Someone brought some hash and someone...

5 years ago

This Day Is Yours, It Belongs To You (Happy Birthday)

A birthday poem written by request of a friend over on Facebook...

This day is yours, it belongs to you,Do anything that you desire to do.Watch your favorite shows, eat your favorite food,Do anything that puts you in a good mood. Your friends are here to celebrate too,This day is yours, it belongs to you.You’ve been work...

WARNING: Very coarse language used in two places in the dialog. Be warned. With the holidays approaching I recalled this memory and wanted to share it.So here I am headed to a Christmas party at the house of one of the school bus drivers. Yes, I drove a s...

6 years ago

A Halloween Bash

A monster party on Halloween; what more can I say.

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, Jack O’lantern was looking quite slick. With a pumpkin head lit by candle light, He’s the coolest dude on Halloween night. His date, I see, is Wendy the witch, An interesting pair, like Lelo and stitch. To a party they all...

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Anonymous 8 years ago

Mrs. Myrlyn woke me abruptly to start my makeover. Something I only had to endure once or twice a year with Maple, but that was for the holidays or when the town threw this huge party, for a successful harvest. Unfortunately, neither were the case and tod...

8 years ago

Halloween DJ Stories

A sample of some of the Halloween Parties experiences.

With the Halloween season closing in fast I am reminded of the numerous parties that I was contracted to perform at over the years as a mobile DJ, chief among these were parties held by local singles groups. Remember that on line dating was in its infancy...

9 years ago

The Lost Voice

Acelynn could not wait to continue waking up to Jagger. It was for what she lived.

They had the kind of love everybody wished to have. It was the kind where words unspoken between them told on their faces. One look and they knew what each other was thinking.Acelynn met Jagger when she was twenty-one. Jagger was twenty-eight. They dated...

9 years ago


He didn't remember seeing Chris at the party, but it's obvious now that he was there.

What the hell did Idrink last night? I thought, head spinning as I came into consciousness. Trying to think past the crippling post-alcohol agony I focused on the details that led to there being a crippling post-alcohol agony in the first place.Okay, best...

10 years ago

Simply Looks Like Fun

Something makes the beach party go with a swing.

Simply Looks Like Fun  “Darling, what a clever idea. We’ll see you tomorrow. Must dash or my lasagne will be beyond crisp and you know what your father’s like about his food. See you tomorrow. Kisses to the boys.” I replace the phone and take a deep breat...