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Dear Lover

"Sometimes love is not enough."

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Dear Lover,
just one last time
take me into your arms
hold me close.
Love me.

Remind me of the reasons
the reasons I should stay
though we both know,
I must walk away.

You deserve more than I can give
love and adoration
should be the goal
for me,
I'm just trying to survive

So many things are right
when I'm with you
my heart is aglow
but we both know
that simply isn't enough.

Dear lover,
I'm afraid, this is goodbye
trust me, I want to stay
I had hoped you would be my forever
but I know
that it simply isn't meant to be.

I am sick,
falling apart and you my dear
deserve so much more
you need someone that is whole,
not swirling in despair

My life is not my own
instead; it's ruled by fear,
by depression, anxiety
and we both know,
that in the end
they win!

This is goodbye.
Oh! What I would give
for just one more time
wrapped securely in your arms
to know that
we could beat the odds.

But we both know,
that simply isn't meant to be.


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