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Food for the Plot

"Everything is greater than itself."
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Let your mind wander, let my mind go too,

Together our heads, simply make two.

Two little thoughts, drift in the wind,

Like a couple of leaves, carrying currents run thin.

A momentary look, a rustle here and there,

Browning and wearing, who saw… who cared?

Slowly decomposing, now beginning to rot,

Back into the soil, food for the plot.

From the earth to the heavens, the story still stands,

If you think far further, beyond the reach of our hands.

A couple of giants, lie in wait,

Producing energy, in a volume so great.

Did anything witness, the power, the wonder,

Of these celestial beings, crying out with their thunder?

For their gifts are but wasted, during their life,

Growing old and swelling, heavy pieces now rife.

One dwindles, grows cold and then dies,

While the other grows double, wait… triple in size.

When the time comes, for the next to depart,

She moans and collapses, explodes straight from the heart!

Left in her place, so silent an eerie,

A standstill of time, where light can’t run freely.

The giant’s ashes, spread through the years,

Wrinkles and ripples, as the path behind clears.

Her sacrifice special, yet for nothing to see,

This event may result in, you and or me.

As the life of any, is never forgot,

Harmony and space, both food for the plot.






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