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I'm that Girl

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I'm that girl the one that's loud only because 

I'm afraid of not being heard

I'm that girl

The one that's always smiling because 

If I don't the pain will become unbearable... again

I'm that girl

the one that tells people they're beautiful

because I know how it feels when you don't feel beautiful

I'm that girl

the one that's afraid people will leave so I push them away

because I'd rather not have my heart broken

I'm that girl 

the one who everyone believes is OK

because I don't want anyone to worry bout me

I'm that girl

the one that protects people with my heart and soul

because nothing means more to me than my friends who are like family

I'm that girl

the one with so many complex sides you never get just quite what you see

and that's the way I like it

I may be "that girl" but this girl isn't afraid anymore

Though she still suffers from depression and cutting tendencies

She knows where she stands and who she stands with

'Cause I'm that girl


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