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Love at First Sight

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Published 5 years ago
I stopped on the walk 

Frozen right where I stood

Before me I saw a beauty

A one of kind treasure

The one and only you

Your ever changing eyes 

Sparkle green, grey, and blue

Your dazzling smile 

With slightly pointed teeth

Is framed by soft plump lips

Of the gentlest pink

Your dark brown red curls

Fall round your pale face

You are a true beauty

Full of intrigue and grace

Good morning beauty

Good morning to you

I dip my head as if on cue

Your melodic laugh

Is a mystical tune

Your looks inspire 

Grown men to swoon

All who behold you

Sense your mystical aura

Your magic enthralls them

You captivate all

I am yours in this moment

True love at first sight

If you will let me

I will stay by your side

I wish to see those eyes

In the pale moonlight

And in the sun each morning

If you allow me this

I will stand by you

Till the end of time

I will see you through

For here on this walk

I stand frozen in your gaze

My heart has left me

It's left its cage

To be with you

Is its rightful place

So I say to you

Good morning beauty

Good morning to you

I hope to say this

All my days through

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