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In which Bear helps Girl see Beauty

When Bear woke up, Girl was curled up on her side, inside his body, snuggled up to him for warmth, the blanket mostly covering her, except for one foot, which stuck out. The fire had died some time ago, and it was cool inside the cabin. Bear raised his he...

Focus on the Beauty

A six-sided symbol of winter helps her focus on staying alive.

Focus on the beauty, the geometrical phenomenon of frozen water in spectacular crystallized form. Each one appears different from the next and captivating to behold. And while these minuscule bits of ice appear white due to the diffuse reflection of the w...

Sketching Snowflakes

She was seeking something in the frigid flakes

Snow danced and swirled, driven across the lake by brisk winds. Jenn looked out her cabin’s window and sighed. She put more wood on the fire. The cabin was small enough that a wood stove was sufficient for heat. Sitting at a table by the window, Jenn leaf...

The Story of Days

The Bear and Girl find joy in small, lovely things, as well as in their growing friendship.

The days passed in lazy friendship, while Girl’s bruises and aches slowly started to heal. Finally came the day when she was tired of behaving sensibly, and hanging around the cabin all the time. No matter how entertaining – or infuriating, or amusing – t...

The Bearable Lightness of Being

Bear and Girl start to get to know each other, with some surprises along the way.

When Bear returned from getting his lunch and marking the boundaries of his territory, Girl was again asleep in the rocking chair. One hand was trailing down the side, her head lolled against a shoulder, and she was drooling slightly. He stopped to look a...


Can't tell you enough

For DancingintheRain

  I will tell you that you are beautifulone thousand times,then a thousand times more.I will talk to your heart,then whisper to your soul.And when I finally see you and touch you,I will tell you that you are beautifulone thousand times,then a thousand tim...


God, she was beautiful.

Screams erupted from every ride in the carnival, even the not-particularly-scary ones like the Ferris Wheel and the Turtle Train, as Conor walked the midway. The smell of funnel cakes and corn dogs and cotton candy washed over him. Discarded hamburgers an...


Star From Heaven

A heart touching fairytale

Fascinating glass castle encircled by trees loaded with chocolates and creamy fountains.  She embarked on the castle and saw ladies in gowns smirking as if happiness eternally endures there. In the throne, she glimpsed the most elegant lady, her Mom. "Wak...

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We Stand in Awe

We stand in awe of all these things

"We Stand in Awe" (c) Mike Stone(inspired by “A BRAVE AND STARTLING TRUTH” by Maya AngelouRaanana, February 21, 2019) The universe is not the miracle,The flaming suns are but cold-blooded thingsNor is this Earth, an uncertain platformOf shifting surfaces...



Presence, meaning, purpose,love, rain,air, happiness,beauty,smile, eyes, desire, life, dreams

Life would be meaningless without your love, the sound of the whispering rain on fallen leaves stirring up the fresh smell of air that has been scrubbed clean wasted without your heart to share it with.  Because without you there is only the thought of yo...

My Walk

Nature at it's best

I love going for walks in my hometown. It’s a very small town, but its natural beautyis unbelievable. Words cannot do it justice. There is one particular nature trail thatI do enjoy taking whenever I get the chance.  It starts at the Horsebrook Trailer Pa...

Kiss from a rose

I receive a kiss from a rose

A kiss from a rose,On a beautiful sunset nightAs the sun casts down,It’s golden rays of light. Upon the cotton candy clouds,Turning them bright red; fire redAs they dip into the sea,Disappearing over the horizon. As the waves crashing,Upon the cliffs Brea...