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The End Of Things

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
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Published 8 years ago
Their happiness taunts me, the cruelest of jokes
If only they knew how I felt.
My heart in pieces, just a shell of a man
Cursing God, for the cards that were dealt.

May your heart be broken a thousand times
May you drown in a sea of tears.
For only those, who have loved and lost
Can know of those terrible fears.

At losing a loved one, their soul mate for life
And being left, so terribly alone.
I would give up my life, just to see you again
I just might, I would if I'd known.

You kept your secret, to protect me from harm
Your illness, your burden to bear.
I wish that you'd told me, I wish I'd have known
To look after you, to protect you, to care.

The young couple walk on, and I watch as they leave
I'd go home, but you're no longer there.
I'm alone in the park now, alone in the world
I cry, I'm alone everywhere.

You exist now my darling, just in my heart
In my mind, a memory in my head.
A ghost of the love, I hold for you still
A ghost, of you in our bed.

I wish that the lord, would take me now
And end all this pain that I feel.
For I know that having you, taken from me
Means these wounds, will never quite heal.

I cannot dream, without seeing your face
Awakening, alone in the dark.
My heart is broken, the scars run so deep
Your love, having left its mark.

Why did this happen? I weep to myself
I love you so much I could die.
My greatest regret, in all of this world
Was having to say, goodbye.

I miss you so much, I can't even say
The words don't exist for this pain.
My head in my hands, body wracked with sobs
Swollen eyes, my tears fall like rain.

I want you to know something, I know that you do
Our years together, were the best of my life.
I was the luckiest man, in all of the world
I was so proud, to have you as my wife.

I'll see you again, when I pass from this earth
I know I will, the date just not set.
Missing you my sweetheart, until the day that I die.
I whisper softly, "Just not yet."

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