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The Goddess Divine

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Published 8 years ago
The past remains the past,
The present must be faced.
The future comes at last,
Don't let us judge in haste.

Forgiveness is the rule,
A new life must begin.
Thus though the hurts were cruel
Forget and love again.

Remember all the good,
Let pass all of the bad.
You bless your friends, and should,
Give joy and make them glad.

Awake with dawn each day
Resolving at your best
To keep your hate at bay.
Lie down to your just rest.

Before our lives have passed
True friends may be offered
And should be quite cherished,
Treasures always coffered.

Now this is just the start,
My meaning still unclear.
Look deep into my heart
And see you still are dear.

O'er oceans and o'er seas
I'd sail to share your side.
Knelt down upon my knees,
Again you will decide.

Are my sins not shriven?
Is the future broken?
Is the past forgiven?
Cast a sign, a token.

Men are simple creatures
Loath to bear the onus.
Ladies' finest features
Seem in us a bonus.

Thus it falls to women,
More often than it might,
To eat the tart lemon,
To take the bitter bite.

So once again a man
Has begged for one last chance,
If this true goddess can,
To share in his life's dance.

And if it may be so
That trust can be restored
My heart will ever show
How much you are adored.

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