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The L Word

"It is the full spectrum of human emotion, isn't it?"
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Published 10 years ago
Is love polite and sometimes shy
Does love sit tight yet sometimes cry
Does love ever own the right to lie
Is love allowed to wonder why

Is love far off or close and near
Can there be times when love knows fear
Is there love in your heart
When there’s none in your tears

Can love be sold or let to sing
Does love survive most every thing

Can love feel hurt and can it hide
Where does love go when it’s denied
Back to its heart, way deep inside
Is love born fresh or memorized

Does love sometimes cause you to say
Stupid things and run away
Can love forgive from yesterday
Does love sleep or fade away

Does love respect or does it care
Of the other love it hopes to share

Does love give heed to the privacy
Of the other love it longs to free
Can love be used to sometimes see
How little love is left in me

Can love be hell or purely bliss
Who knows of love to ever miss
Surely love is all of this…

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