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Seems to Happen

Lucky with love but not with permanence.

I can’t describe the feelingOf being number oneI wasn’t there - quite long enoughTo realize the funI’ve tried to play it cool beforeAnd tried to be myselfBut every time - I find that I’veBeen placed upon some shelfI wasn’t played nor led uponI wasn’t push...


It's a long walk, long life, together.

I'll come to youIf you take your timeIt’s all in the way that you feelIf you ever need or want someone tooI’m easy and I’m realI’m easy to touchAnd easy to loveEasy to hold and confideMaybe easy too muchToo easy with loveToo easy I’m told to hideHe wanted...

Comes a Time

Dreams conceived in youth, cultivated to maturity, finally blossom.

For all my plans now laid to restand all my dreams once given testThere comes a time and wish that's bestForgotten and unsaidFor all my conduct ill-conceivedand all my sorrows ever grievedThere comes a time andwish believedRemembered yet unreadFor all my...