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Nox 5 years ago

Beneath the Stars

hat tip: Snow Patrol

Dancing beneath the stars with you, Thrills my throbbing heart. My skin delights at your first touch, Such a way to start. Tingles travel down my body, Your face, eyes, and smile. I want to drink you deeply in, Let...

fallingdove 8 years ago

Death of a Butterfly

a silly story I used as a tool to ponder the possible repercussions of buying a handgun.

In a world so small I’m not sure that it really exists, a butterfly was floating along and a bird swept down and ate it. The body went in first, then the wings and the legs. The bird flew away, not seeing Jewel fluttering in the sky, barely a wing span aw...

Why must I see myself this way?An infection waiting to spreadThe rope of sanity is frayed.Not a day goes by that I'm not filled with dread.It is not the surface painIt's what's underneath my skinThat I hope will be washed with...

CzechHimOut 11 years ago

The L Word

It is the full spectrum of human emotion, isn't it?

Is love polite and sometimes shyDoes love sit tight yet sometimes cryDoes love ever own the right to lieIs love allowed to wonder whyIs love far off or close and nearCan there be times when love knows fearIs there love in your...