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Allens Last Flight

Danger threatens his home and Allen must act quickly.

I sat in the back seat of the car, my heart heavy with a mixture of awe and regret, as I gazed out at the endless expanse of farmland. The sun's golden rays bathed the countryside, creating a serene backdrop for our journey. Little did I know that this pe...

The Ordinary Girl

Who knows what gifts are hidden beneath an ordinary appearance?

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie because that’s how she was defined; from home, through school to college. Yet deep within prowled a raging poet, a strutting rock star, a blazing meteor...

Anchor Your Life

Strong foundation’s are essential

Anchor your life?  We have all had difficult situations to deal with in our lives. Our family and home are supposed to be the place we feel safest. But what if that’s the place that makes us feel uneasy and questions who we are.  Where do we learn and fin...


Leap of Faith

Just another Valentine's Day

For a second or two after waking, she was lulled by the atavistic relief that comes from surviving another night. Then Faith remembered what day it was, and reality shouldered aside her absurd peace of mind. Resigned to her destiny, she reluctantly abando...

The Apotheosis Of The Word Of Justice

Lines penned on 22nd September in this year of our disgrace 2018

As we stand on the edge of catastrophe,A despairing poet, I can no longerFollow my Zen like some hippie troubadour,Riding my Harley across the dusty roadsWith my battered old Gibson Les Paul guitarSlung careless across my faded denim coat,Seeking for enli...

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An Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Christmas

My annual contribution for Christmas next year (2018) since I’m old and my mind could go any second.

Dedicated to my precious cousin, an IBS sufferer, without whom I would never have the keen appreciation that I do for my own regularity.***An IBS Christmas***It probably does seem myopicjuxtaposing this bad topicwith icons of Christmas cheer and joy.But I...

You have you

You don't need anyone to fix you, you can do it yourself.

Was I never enough?   I know I have given my all I have loved you more than I could ever love myself I have given you all there is to me But still, you have left me Alone, broken and irreparable   It’s incomprehensible, You’ve loved someone, but they don’...

Do You See Me?

Do you see who I really am?

What do you see When you glance my way Do you see the woman I was? Or the one who stands before you today? The frightened one Who was always so unsureIf what she was doing Would work out in the future Or maybe the strong one Who has survived everything Th...

Prologue - Shadows of the Dragon

What chance does beauty have in a world full of darkness?

The low hum of twenty cement trucks permeated the construction site. Six trucks lined the edges of the pour site, while ten more idled in a long line around the perimeter ready to replace the others as soon as they had completed the evacuation of their mi...

Nobody's Victim

I refuse to be...

It takes so long To recover and heal From a physical attack It’s so hard to deal The physical pain Will eventually go But life is never the same Yet not many will know Fear will always linger Deep within my heart A simple tap upon the shoulder Might cause...