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The Mountain, The Sea, The Hell, and The Heaven

"A short collection of poems on adult ideas for anyone of any ages to delve into."

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I am a mountain.

I am massive, and I am immovable.

I do not need to move,

Because I am fine where I am.

I let others walk over me,

But it does not hurt me,

Because my skin is so tough.

Dust blows onto me, and stays for a while.

Then it leaves without saying goodbye.

But it does not hurt me.

For I will always have dust to love.

When people climb me, they pierce my skin.

But the dirt falls into the spaces,

And I am better again.

I have nowhere to go,

I am not able to do anything

So I must enjoy the small things.

I study the clouds

As they argue and bellow over each other.

When they are angered they separate,

Then they travel across the world

Together again.

I watch the grass dance.

Sometimes they look over at me and wave.

I smile a big smile,

Inside of my tough skin.

I watch the festivals of trees and green

Whenever the wind blows.

All the bushes, and the trees, and the grass,

Dance a great dance.

Even though I get sad,

Because I cannot dance

I can still watch.

I imagine dancing with the green.

This is a small thing that I love.

Sometimes trees seed on top of my tough skin,

And I love it because I have a long time friend.

But when they die,

I am sad.

But, there will always be more tree seeds,

And there will always be more dust,

And there will always be more festivals of green.

Because I am a mountain,

And nothing can move me.


But do not be the Sea,

For she is cold

And dark.

She sometimes curls her fists in anger,

And they protrude out of her thin covering

But the anger dies down when the waves fall

And it comes back to her, and stays inside for her eternity

The sun tries to glow his rays on her

They flow down from the heavens onto her skin

They break through her skin, because it is not as tough as mine

But what is tough in her is the anger

Her second skin

And it blocks out the sun

And his darkness still stays inside of her

She keeps calm and joyous at his shores and beaches,

And holds her dangerous feelings in the darkest places inside of her second skin

But this keeps her from letting anything out at all

Which makes her second skin even tougher

And harder for the rays to get in

The rays strain, and sweat, and push against the second skin

But all they can do is reflect and run away from the Sea

Sometimes she lets this anger out in big fits

Too big for the rest of nature to keep back

Too strong for herself to control

Her fury crumbles concrete and metal

And also the flesh of those she does not know

And she sees them cry,

They cry tears

And they leak blood

She feels evil when she sees the faces of those who have done nothing

She curls back her angry body

And rolls off the land while leaving her tears of self discomfort along the land

She looks at what she has done

And the anger at herself adds to the seconds skin

And the rays will never be able to get in

For she has gone too far, and held it in too long

To forget her own sin.


The Hell is the saddest of all

He does not want to be the evil of the world

He sees humans descend inside of him and despairs.

He cannot help it.

He says “hello” as they pass through his body

But all they can do is scream

In agony against him.

They curse Hell and tell him he is the scourge of humanity.

But he did not choose to be a terrible, terrible dwelling.

He hated himself

Because everyone hated him.

Some nights he cried himself into a slumber

Crawled inside of himself, like a fetus

He just wanted someone to love hell.


Heaven was smug

She was born into a wealth of morality

Everyone loved Heaven, even if all she did was nothing

She was born into people loving her, wanting to be with her

She did not carry the same burden as Hell, but she did not care.

For she did not think of it as her problem.

She was far, far above hell, so why should she have to deal with it?

The grace of God granted love upon her

For no man on this earth loathed her

And no one besides Heaven could make this claim.

But even though she was beautiful

And clean,

And graceful,

Her true self was dark, for she was selfish.

But not a person knew her true wickedness

For she treated others with kindness.

But true kindness she had never possessed

Nor would she ever.

Written by seeachedoubleyou
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