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The Sun Warrior

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Author's Notes

"Inspired by my best friend"

Stories of your illumination were once told 
Across the land and sea of old 
A man carved out of sunlight 
A disciple sent from Apollo to end the night 

You travelled across rivers, deserts and mountainous terrain
To condensed cities and vast planes 
Providing shelter from darkness 
Smiting blights who dared to harm us 

Word spread across the globe 
Of a hero who wore a sun-etched robe 
“Lightbearer! Sun-Walker! Lifebringer!”
We’d shout when we’d see your luminous figure

Months, years, and centuries consumed by time
Without respite, your radiance burned out crime
Tales of your bravery were etched into stone 
A sun-soaked champion fearless of the unknown 

Your glow did not fade overnight, 
It dimmed, if only a little, after every fight 
Slowly withered away by the pulse of existence 
After lifetimes traversed in perilous distance 

For the first time in your life
Your bones grew weary, 
Your eyes became teary
Your heart filled with strife 

Without your holy glow, 
You saw your reflection, for the first time, in the melted snow 
You peered at the stranger mirroring your gaze 
Hoping to find a trace of your heroic blaze 

Repulsed by your faintness, 
You hid among the lightless
Isolated from a world you once saved
Confined to a shadow-filled cave 

When the others heard of your plight 
They brought you offerings of torches, of light 
To help protect you from demonic frights
To warm you during cold nights

Over time, you became but a tale 
Of a hero who shined with a light everso pale 
They ceased bringing you gifts 
As you faded once more, now in myths 

One by one, the flames from their torches extinguished 
Until shadows and darkness could no longer be distinguished 
Yet it was only in the black you could truly catch sight
That the embers in your heart were still alight

Written by SilverJaye
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