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when the shadows come

When the dark shadows come

  When the dark shadows come  You're the one I go to  You're the one to hold my hand  Calm my nerves When I need you  You are there in a heartbeat  You don't judge  You smile and say its all right When I am down  You pick me up  You give your time  You gi...

The Bloom Of Something New

To See What You Are Meant To Be

Lost In This World Of LifeWith Love Being So Hard To FindI Travel These GroundsThese Forests & MountainsIn Hope To FindWhat's Been ForgottenI Search For A LoveThe Love I Share With EarthThis Ground Of BrownThese Trees Of GreenThe Building BlocksAre Hard T...

Flames of Emptiness

To burn what isn't there is to believe in nothing

Flames Of EmptinessBurning hotter & brighter Never seems to get tiredJust as long as there is fireEnergy from lightEnergy from liarsAlways trying to get higherFighting for rightFighting for wrongJust fighting to see what breaks is allYou can fight, lie, c...