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Warrior Stories


Last Challenge of Jadek Prynn

The mysterious woman presented the mighty Battle Lord with a unique challenge

The huge man strode down the main road of Varan. His dark eyes glared as he looked around, watching for defenders. Battle Lord Jadek Prynn was taller than any of the other warriors fighting in the street. His heavyset body was a mass of muscles, scars, an...

Polish the armour and sharpen the blades Paint the skies with red shades Beat, bash, and break their puny barricades Bask in heroic accolades Shields raised, swords drawn Powerful cries bring a new dawn Ambition thrums in our hearts, fears withdrawn No se...

Curse the Devil

tired I stand my shield ablaze

Curse the Devil It has been written a smart man asks but one thing. When he finds himself in Hades as the Irish saying goes, Give me the time to get though Hades before the Devil knows. This is what a smart man wants as death takes him. But this bent scar...