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What did you see

"When you looked at me, who did you see"
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Published 9 years ago
What did you see when you looked at me
The woman who gave her heart, so young and carefree
The woman who you claimed with a ring of diamonds and gold
Do you see the woman you promised to love, honor, and hold

Your words were sharp they cut like a knife
I dont know why I ever made you my wife
The tears they fell like unending rain
How could you have left me in this kind of pain

What did I do, why did your love grow cold
You made me feel, ugly, unwanted, and old
Our love died on that fateful day.
You broke my heart, you cast it away

When you looked at me, who did you see
The woman who lived in some fantasy
perhaps a young lady, perfect in every way
I guess I'll never know... they buried you today

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