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Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride

This was the second one ever written in 2002, and literally written on my knee in 10 min.

Looking back is a bad habit, and the time has come for me to ride hard and fast, as I ask shall we dance? As I saddle up, and begin to ride through time and memories of the disagreeable past, in this Vale of tears, we all call life. As I pull away from nearly forgotten times, and faces that fade and dim in the fires of the mind. And find the only tears being shed now, are those of ... fear.

The fear of losing you, along with the fear of never holding you in a warm embrace, or seeing your smiling face. Or watching your eyes, as you become my meteor while your senses spin and soar, as we watch the moonlight slowly cross the floor. When the flames of passion climb higher and seem to be flickering like candles in the night.

These are the things I ride hard and fast towards, though they might be uncertain; the feelings and emotions, are both real and true. Becoming all of what I seek, while riding at the speed of life. And not as just distant voices, but; side by side, face to face, heart to heart, and soul to soul, forever more! As both energy and synergy collide.

Colours seem to stream from me, like from those blue tears for you that will never seem to dry. To the icy green stare I carry that seems to be able to stare for a thousand years, and be colder than the moon. As I ride closer towards these things that move in sync between us. As I continue on this maddening ride through; space, time, and distance.

As I feel the realization awakening in me, as I begin to realize these as either my true destiny or destination: to either absolve the sins of the past, or to rid myself of the past? And finding myself not to be out of tears, nor being made of unfeeling flesh.

And as we dance as kindred spirits, and I am thankful to be able to live and love again. As I leave both the darkness, and shadows you found me in. And feel you now flooding my darkness with your light!

And this midnight ride comes to the end as the false light of dawn begins to creep over the horizon of this dark range. Wondering if you might have done the same at one time or another and taken a midnight ride through; space, time, and distance. Much like I did, and if we have done the same at the same time.

I know there might have been bad times in the past and I know I have reaped what I have sown. And I don't know if this ride has clarified what I must truly do. Just hoping you to be there with me through it all. And would you stay with me or help even when things seem to be crumbling down? Or would you help me overcome my sorrow(s)?

I once had two things I thought were my friends and many a time I seemed to spend my last dime on them and I know then I wasn't on solid ground when I was in a bottle. My good old buddies I thought were my friends, were named whiskey and wine. Which is why I saddled up and headed out into the night. I know that I have been down a very troublesome road, and had too much time on my hands with me thinking all things that glittered were gold.

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