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A Third Part to The La Union Saga

Sitting here once again at my favoured corner table with my back to the wall, and knowing that closing time is soon approaching and I should be leaving this place soon. Yet, I am comfortable and at ease knowing that part of the current nightmarish situation has passed, as I am now looking past those bottles that seem to stand as though on file that were killed one by one. Now looking to where the sound of a guitar is being played by the singer on the small stage that’s there, which causes me to think back to that winter’s night when you stood in a white cotton dress swaying to the song. Knowing that I knew you from somewhere, as you stood there and saw the copper highlights in your hair, and by the way that you moved to the music and the song that went on long,-
It all reminded me of all those slow dances across the kitchen floor that we missed, and now looking back on that moment in time, as I stand and square my part of the tab that we ran, as I head out into that hot August night and passing under those trees with the leaves all hanging down. And looking to where the river is and seeing that ragged tent standing there in a barren field near town. Where a revivalist preacher has decided to set up his traveling salvation show, which now looks so ghostly and forlorn standing empty and alone.

Looking for a way to reach the river and allow my thoughts to roam. Especially those thoughts of you and that winter’s night when you stood swaying to the music, as I see that lone cottonwood tree that’s standing there alone on the levee without any leaves. And feeling my feet take me down that road that runs above the levee at a ground eating pace, as I find myself wondering if you remember that winter’s night?

Having had things that were good that seemed to get bad but we all know that tune, and thankfully in the midst of all I never lost you though it seems like I lost both friends and family. And saw and felt suffering and was given my share of the same and though I should be bitter I haven’t been. Knowing exactly what they mean when they say that the Devil’s in the details, when I tried to see things I missed, as I tried to hide all feelings while trying to be so cool and complete. Now I find myself stopping and looking to the canopy of Heaven and the constellations wheeling overhead,-
Wondering if you can hear or see me standing here on the river’s levee as I call your name? On that winter’s night when you looked in my eyes to see the reflection there did you also take the measure? And asking myself at times since then, what’s in store for us now and how can I live for you too? While the silence save the sound of the wind cuts deeply into my soul at times.

Making my way back in the last few hours before the dark light of dawn, and thinking of you and what you might be doing now or if your thoughts are drifting like mine have been. Or if you have looked to the night skies and tried to see the beginning of time like I have? And wondering if you know really how closely in tune we are through thoughts and actions?
As I close these tired eyes here as the moment is saved and know we are sometimes hanging from a moment,as we find ourselves making our way as we see how all evolves for us and knowing how good I feel if I got you on my side,-
Getting back to where I started this walk and knowing that the night is almost spent, and needing to get back before the dark light of the sun holds sway and try to call you before I rest. Just to hear your voice in my ear right now would be the tonic I need to cross those blue hills of the border, and to possibly see you there in the dreaming and dance like we should have that winter’s night when I saw you.

Morpheus is calling and I must answer soon and wish that you’d meet me there.

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