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Carbon Leaf

"This was another that has been actually published in an anthology"

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Once again I find myself making my way down the line and this time I haven’t heard that old Highway 61 call, and knowing exactly where I have been and now have had most of my yesterdays tagged and filed away as I watch all roll by. And that Girl from The North Country Fair sits waiting while dreaming of fields of sunflowers bent over in the snow, as she knows that the time will soon arrive to have all start over again and that beginnings are delicate things. Both she and I will strive to survive and be like Dylan said about being flexible and attempt to change the course of life, while tears dry hidden by those unseen scars left behind from unfinished dreams as old demons and angels reappear, and once again seeing that book we once had in front of us opened wide appears for us to write either a new or a final chapter in it.

We both know that every road has a beginning and an end with both of us able to see the signs most of the time, while we head on down the line together and try to find the answer of you and I as we sing the same tune together,and wishing most of those left behind a fare thee well and not really giving a damn as nothing is set aside anymore. Knowing we can beat them at their own game and for forevermore just like when we stood against that wall, when the firing party’s bullets passed overhead realizing that nothing would fall or fail that day.

Both of us knowing it was a bit of sleight of hand as well as simple twist of fate that brought us to this point in time, after having seen those simulated sunsets filled with so called miracles that were found to be nothing more than lies. Especially after having seen all clearly through the starlight in our eyes of where we needed to be heading towards and should be, as a defining moment was found and managed to find us in the same moment as the Tao directed us to that moment. Directing us to do what we must and in some cases have us strive to make amends and to recapture the raw emotion felt. While in some cases unwaged war still stings and is the aftermath brought by those who mean well and judge instead, trying to make us afraid of the new day yet are unaware judgment is a two edged sword that cuts both ways.

As the Tao directs all and in some cases it is like being given dancing lessons from God to help us make it through life, so it is asked that a prayer be said for those we leave behind and a prayer for all of us as we head on down the line. As we find ourselves pausing near those rivers of blindness where I once paused to drain a cup near the waterfalls of pity and whirlpools of lies. Passing all those who have memories of things that never happened and look to the future where all has already happened, for this is their form of reality which is a form of illusion and confusion yet the truth remains the only constant in all things. And she knows that till the day I die I will spill my heart for her as we both race that clock together and hear that false clock as it attempts to tick out our time though we might have made some mistakes like friends do but we can beat them.

Both of us having said goodbye to all they said as we pass through blues and greens while winter begins to unfurl her cloak as we have become a part of each other as autumn shades come tumbling down. Silencing critics we might have and knowing each part by heart and us both tired of all the lies and the games played, It is said life is like a highway and it has been long overdue for us to be heading down it together as shadows start to fall. And many times I wondered if I should believe those lines on my hands and seen the scars the sun’s dark light never healed? And have seen those finest silver threads unwind as I opened my fist to take those things I have missed and be there for her, with us being true to ourselves with life having come a long way since yesterday and hope tomorrow is better than today.

Finding we have reached a point where we need to finally be free as we move down the line to better days lying ahead, as we have a laugh as we follow every curve down that road as we cross bridges with those lessons learned. With both of us having had the feeling of life being wasted as the same stories play providing answers to nothing, and looking back there are times when I felt I was going nowhere and was blind as well as a fool as I wished she was here. And kicking our way through the autumn leaves making our way on down the line together feeling as if we were in a star dream. While no one knows what I have felt or why anger hangs heavy on the vine except for the Girl From The North Country Fair, as I take her hand under these grey skies feeling the rain and know that they can’t touch us.

Changes are taking place with what we are going through and time might change us, but these feelings will never change as we skirt the edges of those complicated shadows knowing our time has come. A nd finding ourselves coming to the crossroads near that black range where the stones of sorrow still stand in the fields, as we clearly see those overgrown paths stretching to that undiscovered country near the fountain of forgiveness, from which we stop and drink deeply from for each other and she knows I believe in her as I look deep in her blue eyes, seeing that million mile reflection that’s there and reminds me of the sea.

Copyright December 2011 – 8: Timberwolf International LTD.

Written by Shotgun011
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