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Rise and Fall Ch 8

"and I hope so hard that the pain will go away. ~silent scream Anna Blue"
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Red hair flared out from the gusting wind as what little amount of moonlight illuminated the color enough to stand out. The wind whistled and howled whilst being joined by the constant lapping of choppy waves far below. With her feet hooked just under the railing, she hung down letting herself dangle from the bridge. She saw from a distance the lights of the city, she would do this on a closer bridge, but too many passersby think she was trying to kill herself.

She unhooked one foot and kicked a large case down and caught it before it fell out of reach. With her free hand, she grabbed a cord out from the top and looped it around her foot. After making sure it was secure, she opened the case and hooked rods to keep both sides at a strict 90-degree angle. Her hands skimmed over the parts of an M14 rifle before assembling the gun in under a minute. She clicked a button and the cord retracted taking the case out of her line of sight.

She held the gun up and aimed out towards the city, she peered into the scope alternating between the infrared and night vision settings. She scanned the trees, coming across an odd patch of lightly tinted trees, the girl smirked as she strengthened the lens. For a person trying to avoid the prying eyes of the world, he must have known surrounding his house in cherry blossoms as compared to a forest of oak and evergreen trees was a bad idea. While the pink flower petals only last about two weeks, that was enough of a window to find Grey's home, and that was enough for her.

She hummed to herself as she pulled the case back down and put her rifle away. After hooking her foot back under the railing, she hoisted herself up and came face to face with Steve. She tossed her gun case right through him and stepped down from the railing. Dia could for some reason tolerate the suffocating atmosphere from being constantly swarmed and surrounded by these boys. Sarah, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them, and if it weren't for Dia, she would have hunted them down and dispatched them already.

"Don't you have anything better to do than crowd around me?" She had a slight edge of annoyance in her voice.

"While you've been wasting time hanging around, Dia has been in danger! For all, we know that thing might have already struck. Dia could be hurt."

"By a demon? A weak one as you had described to me, that's no real threat." Steve bit his lip and sneered at her. He mulled over what to say, looking at the others who stood around waiting. They all were starting to feel the burn as they had been away far too long to be not uncomfortable. He needed Sarah to make this an emergency or they won't be able to again anytime soon.

"Well not right now no, but," he let his voice falter slightly setting up the bait.

"But what?" Sarah took it in slight annoyance.

"That demon, that girl, is trying to claim Dia."

Tommy, who had been sitting on the railing leaning up to look at the sky, snapped his head around and scoffed, "Since when!" Several of the others covered his mouth before he could say anything more.

Alex chimed in, "She's already under the demon's spell. We all saw her kiss her this morning!"

Sarah looked at Andrew with a sceptical look, he responded with a small nod, "It's true." She turned away from them and looked out at the city. She slowly became more volatile in her movements and began pacing. The boys took a step away from her sensing her temper was on edge.

"No one takes Dia from me," She concluded with a low hostile voice. She snatched her gun case from the ground and began to walk off the bridge. Parked just out of view was a Yamaha YZF R6, the black facade of a normal bike hiding a two wheel tank of a weapon. Sarah hummed to herself as she loaded and strapped down her gun before mounting and launching off towards the city.

The boys watched as she left them behind without a second glance, Tommy gave the rest a glare of disbelief. He shook his head and began to head back to the city without a word. The rest staggered slightly behind, feeling an inferno burning them from within, they dreaded that they wouldn't make it back Dia in time.

The rapid decline of the temperature was not unusual for the time of year, but the fog that now seeped under the trees and creeped out onto the roads made it far more ominous. Sarah kept keen eyes on the road ahead of her and keen hearing to any sound from behind. With two Beretta automatic handguns positioned right by her knees, within easy reach, only someone skilled or stupid would dare attack her.


She gasped awake, the numbing darkness fading away with each breath. Fatima groggily stretched feeling her spine crack in several spots from being straightened. She pushed away from the table she had fallen asleep on. She was stiff and freezing cold, Kate had fallen asleep before she did and Jasmine was still out probably sleeping at her boyfriend's house instead. A significant portion of her beads were sorted making the daunting task seem more bearable.

Fatima steadied herself before making her way over to the wall and flicked off the lights. A moment passed allowing her eyes to adjust before she went to her room. The carpet muffled her steps, but she lightly dragged her fingers across the wall to keep from running into one. She opened the door to see Dia asleep on her bed curled up in the comforter. Chris laid on the floor next to her, he had his eyes closed.

She tilted her head to the side trying to register why something seemed wrong. She stepped away and grabbed a spare blanket from the closet and returned to her room. She tossed it over Chris and watched as it fell through him.

"Oh yeah," she smacked herself in the head, she winced as it was with her bad hand. Chris laughed dryly. "Forgot something, Blondie?"

"Sorry, really tired." Fatima hesitated and slowly closed the door. She paused, that was her room. She let out a frustrated breath and went to Jasmine's room instead. "She's not here and she usually doesn't care if I sleep in her bed anyways," She mumbled to herself. She crawled into the bed and curled up.

She then came face to face with Leonard. "Uh, what are you doing?"

"Well, since Chris is already guarding Dia, I figured you might want some company as well. However, for some reason, he likes to be on the floor when there's a comfy bed and a warm body to be next to." He smiled disdainfully.

She stared at him, "Actually I think I'm finding the floor quite comfortable right now."

"Aw come on! Don't be that way."

Fatima sighed and stared at him questioningly. "Can I please go to sleep."

"Sure go ahead."

"Without you staring at me."

"No can do, Dia said that we have to make up for our mistake and to keep you safe from what Steve has planned." He frowned slightly, "So far this is the best we had come up with. I watch you, Chris watches Dia, and the Twins are scouting from the roof with Jake."

"Oh. Okay then." She paused a moment, "Keep me safe from who?"


"Who's that again? I'm not good with names."

"Do you remember my name?"

"Is it Sebastian?"

Leonard stared at her, "No."

"Then no."

"It's Leonard."

She turned away, "don't be surprised if I forget again."

He laughed and smiled brightly, "You're funny!"

Fatima laid silent for a while, her mind turning over what was just said. They can't be seriously trying to send her back to Hell, they hardly knew her. Then again she hardly knew them so they could be like this to everyone besides Dia. "I guess it doesn't really matter," She barely formed the words before falling asleep once again.

Laughter made her open her eyes, dark mechanical laughter hit a hint of malicious intent. It was enough to keep her from suppressing the chilling shiver that ran down the length of her spine. The room became sweltering hot, her sight became distorted as the heat radiated from everything surrounding her. Crisp crackling rang in her ears and the walls went up in flames trapping her in an inferno. Her heart quivered and she fumbled to mask her own terror. She launched herself airborne as her wings sprouted from her back and swept her out of the burning room. She stared at her new surroundings at the large endless caverns that sizzled and steamed from the fires that burned endlessly in ravines far below.

Fatima landed on a nearby cliff looking over the sharp and jagged edges of the caverns, the crackling noise was now harmonized with the sound of clinking chains and moans of the damned with the occasional scream. Her heart sank in her chest and let out a lone tear.

"Oh, what a baby, our little queen is," a ladie's sneer cut right through her. Fatima's heart had hardened before the tear hit the floor. She turned to face the lady with a taunting smile.

"Jealous Joan? I can feel, which is so much more than a manipulated doll like you will ever have." Joan's face furrowed into a scowl. "Oh sorry, that struck a nerve? Not my fault you are always at the beck and call of our brother. If you really want this crown why don't you finally disobey him and end me permanently, or do I have to beg?" Fatima brushed past her then felt as several spikes shot through all her vital points.

"Oh, my darling Fatima," she heard Joan's heels click closer. "I can't wait to do this in real life. Bryan will never know because he can't simply leave hell as I can." She laughed coldly, "and thanks to you trying to change, you can't simply be sent to hell again. I hope you enjoy purgatory, little sister." She gently kissed Fatima on the forehead.

She bolted awake, breathing heavily trying to calm her heart down. She immediately checked herself to find that she didn't have spikes gorged through her and she sighed relieved.

"Nightmare Fatima?" Leonard asked with the slightest hint of concerned.

"Why are you still here!"

Dia cautiously stood by the door, tilting her head just so her ear hovered by the door frame. She knew when Fatima came in the room and waited till she went into the other room before following her. Fatima mumbles in her sleep, perhaps a trait she wasn't quite aware of, but it doesn't take much to know what her nightmare was about.

"That girl is so loud, Dia why must we stay here. Let's go home, you'll be safer there," Chris pleaded yearning to leave. She hushed him with a single glare.

"You wouldn't understand my reasoning, for I will not tell you why I plan to stay here for a while. I do believe that it is safer here than anywhere else, not to mention it might be safer for her if we were here as well."

"Why concern yourself with her safety?"

"Because we're the ones who decided to enter her life and threatened to ruin it repeatedly, is that not correct?"

Chris stared at her silent as she sighed, "You never ask, you just assume. Maybe for once I actually want a friend who isn't so wrapped up in the business or too mundane?"

Chris snapped, "Are we not good enough to keep you company?"

"I don't need to explain the reason for that, Chris." She crept into the room Fatima was in. "psst, Fatima."

"Ngh?" Fatima looked up drowsy, "what are you doing up?" Dia crossed the room and crawled under the covers and curled up next to the girl. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Proving a point."

"Advanced apology if I accidentally kick you." Fatima pulled the covers tight around them and adjusted to get comfortable again.

"Don't worry I'll just return the favor."

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