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Nightmares Stories


Girl’s Nightmare

In which Girl has a nightmare, and Bear intercedes

Bear had settled onto the rag rug in the great room at the end of the day and was starting to drift off to sleep, when he thought he heard something. He perked his ears up. There it was again. He lifted his head and turned towards Girl's room, and this ti...

The Healer's Secret

Nightmares force a healer to deal with a past she hoped was over

Prologue - The Fall Artanna stood quietly on a hill and watched the great tower of Tan Kolar fall. Around the collapsing structure, smoke and flames rose from the Night Lord’s palace. A battle raged outside the high walls of black stone as the tattered re...

I Wake Up And I Weep

My nightmares knocking at the door

I wake up in the nightI wonder if you know?If you looked into my eyesWould my fear still show? I can't look into your eyesThey haunt my sleepI relive all the pleasure you tookIn making me feel cheap The things you didI can never escapeThat you took pleasu...

Home At Last

A refugee worker returns home after having been in Syria for several months.

At last, I am home after months away,Long months that at times have seemed more like years,When home and comfort were just a mirage;Hard months living out of an old rucksack,Battered and worn after years on the road,Much like me, I suppose, old and worn o...


Rise and Fall Ch 8

and I hope so hard that the pain will go away. ~silent scream Anna Blue

Red hair flared out from the gusting wind as what little amount of moonlight illuminated the color enough to stand out. The wind whistled and howled whilst being joined by the constant lapping of choppy waves far below. With her feet hooked just under the...

A Good Knight's Sleep

A poem I did for a friend

(For Astarte) There’s a sweet girl I know With woefully foes Her fears she does keep in a dream Of this I can see Of that it shall be To see her sad eyes turn to gleam The woes are her foes With red hair and a nose That we would all know as a clown Her fe...

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Terror In The Night

Is It What's To Come?

Last night was like all the others I have as of late. I sent my baby to bed, with a kiss on the lips. Oh so sweet. I ventured into the kitchen and made myself dinner, where I fixed some stir fry, asparagus and Texas toast. My evening was fine; I was even...

Philena- Reality

Just a short whatever kinda from her POV, kinda not, about dreams and reality.

She held her covers over herself in an attempt to hide from her nightmares. Curled in a ball, she felt protected and safe- much like a cat does when it sleeps that way. But if she had only known then what she knew now, she'd escape to dreams- no matter ho...


A child wakes up from a nightmare.

Grandson Rowan woke up crying. I hastened to his side There he lay Left arm flung out from his duvet Eyelids fluttering His mouth turned down in a frown Can I sooth him? My sweet Rowan Tired at the end Of a busy day Bouncing on his trampoline Clowning aro...


A poem about how time flies by, especially while sleeping.

Where does it go?The time?The hand moves slow,Sound the chime.It seemed to grow wings,But where did it fly?Days of nothings,I wave goodbye.Yesterday seems,So far away,Twitching through dreams,Haunting as I lay.Sound the alarm,The loud clock beeps,So I mov...