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Cricket Lone Wolf Part 07

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 07

Cricket, Daria and Polina steal junior class mid-term exam for Chantel.

A week passed, since Chantel asked Marcia to steal the exams. After the time at the dress shop, Marcia felt good and did not want to talk about the trap. However, at breakfast Chantel made it a point to sit close to Marcia. Marcia's spirits sank and a knot developed in her stomach.

As Marcia walked out of breakfast slowly, Chantel caught her in the hall.

"Have you gotten the exams yet?" Chantel demanded softly.

"We are waiting until tomorrow to get them. The staff has a meeting tomorrow night, which will be the best time to steal the exams." Marcia ruefully replied, which made her spirits rise, as she faced up to Chantel.

"Good, bring the exams to my room, when you have them. Come without your friends." Chantel harshly whispered and twisted Marcia's arm.

Marcia walked away in the opposite direction toward her class where Daria and Polina met her. Daria asked before Marcia sat, "What did Chantel want?"

"She wanted to know if anything was done yet," Marcia replied strongly.

"What did you say to her?"

"I told her that she will have the exams tomorrow night."

Daria looked worried and scared as she quickly asked, "How can we do that? We have not planned anything yet. Please explain the whole thing."

Marcia started to explain, when the instructor entered the room. As a sign of respect, the class jumped to their feet. He proceeded to the podium. The class sat quietly, as the instructor set up his notes. Daria poked Marcia, but she ignored it and turned away. When the class ended, Daria grabbed Marcia's arm and pulled her aside. She whispered harshly through her teeth, "When can we plan this caper?"

"Come to my room tonight. I will explain how easy it will be."

Daria dropped Marcia's arm, as they continued to walk to their next class. Daria was still angered, but felt a little better. The rest of the day went easily with no problems from Daria or Chantel.

After dinner, the girls went to Marcia's room. The door barely closed, before Daria spoke quickly, "OK, what is going on? Do you really have a plan? Will it work? Can we come along?" The questions came fast and furious, before Marcia could answer.

Finally, Daria slowed and Marcia spoke, "Slow down. Give me a chance to answer." Marcia caught her breath, gathered her thoughts and slowly started to respond.

"It is an easy task. After five o'clock tomorrow night, a meeting will sequester the school staff for three hours. We can sneak into the office, steal an exam and deliver it to Chantel. When we walk away, Gustaf will visit Chantel to search her room. He should find the exam and take it away. That is the proof they need to catch the cheaters." Marcia quietly stated.

Daria shook her head, "That sounds too easy. Are you sure Chantel is not setting us up for a fall? I don't trust her."

"Why would she do that? Besides, the headmaster asked me to go along with it. He would not try to harm me. Relax and we will perform perfectly." Marcia said vehemently. "Let's get busy with homework and studies."

The day of the theft, Marcia felt nervous and had to get away from school. She went to the edge of the forest, where she met her wolf. It waited for her approach and led her to a new place. She sat on a small rock shaped like a chaise lounge. The area around was beaten down as if many human visitors came there. The wolf sat beside her on the ground. She ruffled the hair behind its ears.

She found the message holder and opened it. She hoped dearly that there was a message, but it was empty. Her heart fell in disappointment. She kept the first message in her room. As she sat there, she thought to bring a new message for Cal. She would do it next time.

Suddenly, the wolf perked up at a noise in the forest. Marcia looked in anticipation around the forest. Maybe it was Cal, she hoped. The wolf stood on all fours waiting for someone. It soon relaxed and sat down. Whoever it was, walked past them heard, but unseen.

She sat with the wolf for about twenty minutes. Its being there, nuzzling her hand, helped her relax. She knew she was safe. It was her new wolf friend. They had ties to a man who loved them. She visited the wolf several times and they grew together as friends. As she stood and left, she told it goodbye.

While she walked back, her mind wandered with thoughts about the message she would write. It cannot be a love note because she does not know what she feels, much less how to say it. Maybe it will be news about the wolf family in New Jersey. He might like to know about them. She vowed to write a note to him. Cal was cute and she might like spending time with him here. A year ago, boys were bad, but things changed, as she grew older.

Marcia got back to school, just as dinner started. She went directly to dinner to meet with her friends. They noiselessly ate quickly not saying much. As Marcia and friends left their table, Chantel walked up and said, "See you in my room later. I hope you don't fail or chicken out. It would be a shame to report you or worse."

Marcia shook her head and continued walking with Daria and Polina. They went to Marcia's room to get a file folder for the exams. The girls put on skin colored rubber gloves first. The folder had luminescent chemicals sprayed on it. By wearing rubber gloves, the three girls would not pick up the chemicals. Chantel would get them on her hands. That would make her guilty. The girls took the folder after putting on the gloves.

They walked quickly to the proper office. Polina used her skills at lock picking to open the door. They entered the office and found the correct filing cabinet. Polina easily opened the cabinet too. Marcia took the exam. Daria stood by the door, watching for anybody coming. As Marcia filed the exam in the special folder, Polina closed and locked the filing cabinet. They exited the office locking the door.

A muffled sigh came from the girls. They hurried to Chantel's room. Marcia knocked and the door flew open. Chantel pulled them into the room quickly. Marci handed the file to Chantel. Chantel opened the folder, saw the exam and smiled.

"You did well. You can go now. I will check this out and if it is valid, I may have something for you later, now get out of here." Chantel ruefully told them.

Marcia and her friends ran from the room. They went to Marcia's room, where she called the headmaster and reported the theft. He thanked her and hung up. The girls giddily laughed at the thought of Chantel's capture. They danced in a circle holding hands.

Their joyful dance ended with a knock at the door. The girls stared at each other. A look of "who could that be," passed between them. The girls ripped off the gloves and stashed them in the bottom of a trash bag. Marcia opened the door. The headmaster stood there with Chantel behind him. He held the file folder in a gloved hand.

"Good evening young ladies. Sorry to intrude, but the young lady behind me says you stole these," he winked at the girls.

"What are they?" Marcia asked innocently.

"They are the junior class midterm exams. You wouldn't know anything about them?"

"Why would we steal those exams? We are only freshman. There must be some mistake here. Isn't there something you have that can prove we are innocent?" Polina asked innocently.

The headmaster stood thinking. "This file folder has a luminescent dye powder on it that is not easy to hide. I have a special light to reflect the powder. It will glow purple under the light. Girls, will you go first?"

The girls took their hands and held them out palms up. The headmaster waved the light and nothing glowed.

"Now Chantel do the same for me, please?"

Reluctantly, Chantel obeyed putting her hands out turning her palms up. Chantel's palms glowed brightly under the light. Chantel glared at the girls. She turned to the headmaster, but he took her out of the room wordlessly.

"Sorry for the interruption young ladies. Have a good night."

The girls stood in the doorway and watched the headmaster guide Chantel toward his office. As they watched, loud sobs erupted from Chantel. When they were far enough away, the girls closed the door and continued their raucous victory dance, until they fell exhausted physically and emotionally.

In the morning, the girls awoke jumbled in Marcia's bed. Her friends scrambled to their room, dressed quickly and met in the dining room. Marcia noticed that Chantel missed breakfast, but her friends were there. The morning classes ended and lunch began. Just as Marcia finished lunch, a commotion occurred, as Chantel stormed into the dining room. She threw chairs out of her way, as she charged toward Marcia.

When Chantel reached the table, Marcia sat ignoring her.

"YOU, You did this to me. I hate you. The headmaster expelled me. I won't finish school. It is your fault entirely." Chantel screamed.

Marcia deigned to turn and meet her. She instead continued to sit and drank some tea from her lunch.

Chantel thoroughly annoyed, slammed her fist down onto the table, clattering the plates and silverware. Everyone jumped at her sudden outburst. Violence was a breach of protocol. Everyone knew that disputes resolved discreetly, without catching the eyes of those in charge. Public fights were distasteful and rude.

"I demand retribution," She sneered. Marcia merely rolled her eyes. The act further angered the French girl. "What does some gutter punk American know anyway?" She flittered around and crossed into the middle of the circle of people surrounding them.

She had the whole audience's attention, publicly denouncing Marcia. "Some little school girl from New Jersey. What makes you so special! Not even from New York or LA, no you're from nowhere. You're a little nobody, and everyone here knows that you are nobody! Filthy blooded American. You don't belong here! You're just an amusement for us here, to tease, torment and practice on." Chantel huffed after her spul.

Marcia delicately set her cup down and stood up. She closed her eyes, but sensed everyone watched her. She had this feeling many times ever since the first dreaded fight with Sarah in grade school. They deemed her a coward then, but here in this new life, she had a fresh start. Did she really want everyone to look down on her again, or did she want to be unreachable to all of them?

"If you're done ranting like a spoiled child, I suggest you go home and seek comfort from the servants your filthy rich parents hired for you." Everyone gasped at her comeback. Marcia opened her eyes, her choice was clear. She was going to be herself, not afraid of any bullies. She would not do what others expected of her. That was the past and now she coldly stared down the flushed red face of an embarrassed Chantel.

After the look, a hand swung and just missed Marcia's eye, as it struck her cheek. Chantel tried another, but Marcia ducked. In Marcia's head, she thought of how to end this. There seemed no end easily in sight.

Marcia shoved Chantel away to gain distance between them. Distance meant time. Time meant more chances to find a quick solution. Chantel stumbled back a few paces and ran up to try to kick Marcia who avoided the blow by stepping off to the side.

The crowd parted slightly to avoid Chantel crashing into them, but they in turn shoved her back into the ring. She started the fight. She had to stay in the fight. Chantel's eyes seemed to turn red with rage as she charged again. Only this time Marcia ducked and swooped from underneath her feet and tripped her.

Chantel landed on her hands and knees. Marcia stepped on her back to pin her down, but the older girl flipped onto her back. She grabbed Marcia's foot. She twisted it and caused Marcia to fall to the floor. Chantel took the moment to jump on top of Marcia and landed blow after blow, as she pinned the girl down.

Marcia grabbed her arm and bit down hard. Dirty fighting abhorred everyone, but in the end, the one who fought cleanly died. Chantel screamed and Marcia flipped her around and bashed the girl's head against the floor.

Chantel groaned holding her head. Marcia stood up and brushed herself off. She looked around at the crowd who stared wide-eyed. Marcia felt sick. She never fought with anyone. She did not like fighting. She wanted to run away, but it was too late. She had to finish this. Chantel had to lose. She didn't notice Chantel got up either. Chantel bashed Marcia in the head with a plastic tray.

Marcia turned and back handed Chantel so hard her face had a stinging red handprint left on it. Marcia also twirled, stepped onto Chantel's foot with her heel, pulled the girl over her and flipped her onto the floor.

Marcia blinked in bewilderment. Then froze, she let her rage take over. It wasn't a feeling that she liked either. In a daze, she began to walk away, the crowd parted to let her pass.

In a hoarse-graveled voice Chantel yelled, "We're not finished yet, Cricket."

What happened seemed to occur in slow motion. Marcia saw the charge and with a fist at the ready, she threw a right cross. Chantel spun around, as Marcia grabbed her arm and twirled her around. Chantel hit the wall with the side of her body. The force was enough to knock the wind out of her. She dropped in a disheveled pile to the floor. She groaned in pain and stayed down.

The fight was over. Marcia won. The dining room was in stunned silence. Chantel finally met her match. Marcia closed her eyes and contemplated what she had done.

Quietly, she heard a whisper, "Cricket." Then she heard a few more. Suddenly more people chanted her nickname until it became a thunderous cheer ringing throughout the room. Marcia opened her eyes and saw everyone chanting and raving about her victory.

Everyone left Chantel on the floor. Her friends deserted her. The dining room monitors called the school medical staff to treat Chantel. That was the last anyone saw of the young French girl.

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