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Cricket Lone Wolf Part 14

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 14

Marcia and Stefan explore the chapel and make a startling discovery as Daria watches.

Daria's wraith followed Stefan everywhere, from when he woke until bedtime. She floated nearby and occasionally played pranks on him. She enjoyed embarrassing him around his friends. She hated when Marcia and Naomi met with him. When Polina volunteered to open the chapel, Daria was furious. She wanted Marcia to fail in the chapel entry.

The afternoon when Marcia, Stefan and Polina went to try the newly made key, Daria watched. She was happy Polina succeeded in making the key. When Stefan and Marcia disappeared into the chapel, Daria followed with hope of something bad happening. She saw the three coffins at the front of the nave, which stopped her. Before Marcia approached the coffins, Daria read the plaques. Her head bowed in sorrow at Chantel's name, but she did not know the two adults were Naomi's parents.

She put her hand on Stefan's shoulder, when Marcia and he discovered who was in the coffins. She stayed close, while they sat staring at the biers. She followed them into the crypt and garage. It was new to her, but did not mean much. All she saw was a garage, not the back door to the castle. It disappointed her, but she watched closely how Marcia behaved.

When Marcia finally locked the chapel, Daria flew high above the school to get to the relief of the heavens. The confinement with Stefan in the old chapel was claustrophobic, even for a wraith. Daria went into the school with the group and wanted to tell Naomi that her parents were at the school. It was a good thing that Daria could only talk to Stefan. At dinner, Daria tried in many ways to hurt Naomi, but failed every time.

When the table broke up from dinner, Daria felt she had enough of Stefan for the day. She decided to follow Marcia and Naomi, wherever they went. It was supposed to be a night with the headmaster, but he postponed their dinner and training until the following night. The girls decided to sit in the abandoned classroom for a while watching. The normal people entered the chapel that night. The girls gave up and went to their room. Still feeling the tension of the day, Daria went back to the hospital to check on her corporal body.

Naomi sat cross-legged on her bed reading an assignment. She stopped and asked, "Marcia, what did you and Stefan find in the chapel?"

Marcia put her book down and looked at her best friend, "It was just a small chapel with a crypt underneath. Nothing seemed important today. I need to return and investigate more. There is a lot there that I am curious about exploring. Some of the graves were quite old, but some very new."

"Would you like some help when you are exploring?" Naomi innocently asked.

Marcia hesitated, as she thought about her answer, "Right now I want to explore more of the layout of the chapel. When I am ready to research and dig more then I can use your help."

"I understand now. You rather if something bad happened that it involved you alone and not hurt anyone else. You are too careful about your friends. They can defend themselves, especially me."

Marcia put her book on her desk and turned down her bed. Naomi dropped her book to the floor, turned out her light and crawled into her bed. Marcia wished Naomi a goodnight and did the same. The brightness of the moon and stars flooded the room with the most beautiful nightlight anyone could ever imagine. Naomi rolled on her side to face Marcia. She fell asleep looking at her best friend's smile in the moonlight.

In the middle of the night, Marcia sat upright in her bed with the covers tucked under chin. Naomi thrashed in her bed moaning and screaming, "KRYSTAL! KRYSTAL, what happened, where are we? KRRYYSSTTAALL!" Krystal was Naomi's mom who died in the automobile accident with her dad. Only her brother and she survived.

Marcia jumped from her bed and climbed in with Naomi. She grabbed her best friend and held her tightly. She brushed her friend's hair with her fingers, while she whispered to Naomi. Tears flowed from Naomi's eyes onto Marcia's shoulder into her nightgown. Her friend was deeply troubled from the accident. Marcia's heart ached, while she soothed and held her friend.

Thirty minutes after she held Naomi, the girl fell asleep. Marcia gently lowered her friend back into bed, covered her up and returned to her bed. She lay on her side bathed in moonlight and watched her friend sleep. She felt terrible that she held a secret, which would deeply hurt her best friend. She needed to talk to someone about what she saw, but whom. Who could she trust?

As it rose, the sun flashed in Marcia's sleepless eyes. She sat up stretched and groaned her discontent. She slept short naps from when Naomi went back to sleep. Her mind filled with different scenes of the accident, of Naomi and her brother, of Naomi sitting up in bed screaming for her mother. Marcia felt helpless to do anything to comfort her best friend. She wanted to sleep, but it escaped her.

Marcia dragged her tired body into the cold shower. She thought it would wake her up enough to get her morning moving. When she shut the shower off, a soft knock shook the door. Naomi's voice came through the door, "Are you alright, Marcia? I am sorry about last night. It was foolish of me to act that way." Naomi felt as if she was a burden to her friend, but she needed someone.

Marcia dried quickly and dressed in her bathrobe. Naomi stood in the doorway, when Marcia opened it. Naomi wrapped her arms around Marcia and hugged her tightly. Marcia whirled around with Naomi to get back into their room. She sat on her bed and perused her friend looking for a yawn or a tear. Naomi looked more refreshed than she had since she arrived at school.

Naomi grabbed her shower things and disappeared. Soon Marcia heard the shower going and she put on her clothes. She thought of a solution to her problem, while she dressed. Tonight was dinner with the headmaster; he might help her with her dilemma. She would pull him aside and talk to him privately. With that thought, Marcia's mood brightened and a smile slowly grew on her.

The day went quickly for the girls. Marcia talked to Stefan about her decision to talk to the headmaster. He advised against it for the present. His hesitation confused Marcia, but she still thought about it. Later in the day, as they walked the horse, Stefan explained his reasoning. What they saw were three coffins. Was anyone in them? Were they there to prepare for a burial in the crypt?

Marcia had not told Stefan about Naomi's outburst in the middle of the night. That was something she needed to tell the headmaster. Marcia decided to talk to the headmaster about the dream after dinner. She would keep their visit into the chapel a secret for now. Daria followed the two teens around, but found it boring listening to them.

Stefan went to his room to clean up for dinner. Marcia went in search of Naomi to gather her up for dinner with the headmaster. Marcia found Naomi with Polina in Naomi's room, chatting ceased when she entered. Marcia washed up and checked her appearance in the mirror. Polina and Naomi sat quietly waiting to see what Marcia would do. The two girls looked questioningly at each other, then at Marcia. Marcia went to the door and looked at Naomi. She gestured for Naomi to join her and she reluctantly went with her friend.

The girls went to the headmaster's office and knocked. He opened the door, the girls entered just as Hans finished setting out dinner. Naomi sat at her place, but Marcia hesitated before sitting. Her mind wanted to know why the urgency for dinner and what was later. Something stuck in her mind about the chapel and she hoped Stefan watched the chapel tonight. Dinner went fast and they talked about school while Hans cleaned the dishes away.

The lesson after dinner usually lasted two hours, but that evening the headmaster spent the time reviewing the classes and talking about the future. After an hour, the headmaster came to the end of his lecture. Naomi stood and left the office, but Marcia waited to talk to the headmaster. When she started to talk to him, he looked distracted and waved her away. She tried to get his attention, but he busied himself with clearing his desk and locking things up. Angry and disgusted, Marcia left his office.

Rather than go back to their room the girls went to the classroom. When they got there, Stefan sat on the desk by the window looking down. He waved the girls over and they quickly joined him in the window. The chapel door stood open with candlelight flickering on the stairs and ground outside. It appeared something serious would happen. As they watched, the headmaster appeared and rushed to the door. He stood there a moment and looked directly at the trio in the window.

The students ducked, but knew that action was fruitless. The headmaster saw their movement and it was over for them. The headmaster entered the chapel and closed the door behind him. The trio decided it was time to return to their rooms and give up for the night. Seeing the headmaster enter the chapel, made Marcia feel better, that she did not talk to him after class. She thought it was still rude the way he brushed her away.

"Do you think the headmaster saw us?" Stefan anxiously asked.

"If he saw anything, all he saw was movement in the window not faces." Marcia cautioned.

"It is good we were in darkness then because we were only phantom shadows. I hope we are safe." Stefan worriedly stated.

"We may know tomorrow. I have to see him tomorrow sometime about a personal matter. I am sure if he saw us, he will say something to me." Marcia quipped. "Let's get to our rooms and call it a day. I am tired and need my sleep."

Marcia and Naomi walked quickly to their room, hoping to move unnoticed. Stefan ran down the halls to his room, as Daria's wraith followed him closely. Once the trio was in their respective rooms, they flopped on their beds breathing heavily. After a few minutes, the girls giggled uncontrollably.

"That was a close call Marcia."

"Yes it was. I don't ever want that to happen again. I hope Stefan is alright."

"Stefan will be OK. He is a big boy, Marcia. You don't need to worry about him. Let's get ready for bed and read a while."

Marcia shook her head and went in to wash up and change into her nightclothes. Naomi waited patiently looking out at the village sparkling below. She felt as if she were a princess high up in her castle looking out the realm. She felt comforted and happy living with Marcia again. She still did not completely trust Marcia, but she proved to be the friend she remembered.

When Marcia came out from washing, Naomi hugged her and pinched her cheek. Marcia looked at her strangely, but when Naomi smiled, everything was right. The friends had crossed another barrier toward restoring their faith in each other.

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