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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I am just a guy looking at the world. I write to investigate myself, to comunicate what I feel, and for the fun of it!

I like to create joy and spread happiness in everything I do.

Favorite Authors
All of you!

Favorite Movies
Westerns especially those staring John Wayne, from Stagecoach onward : Romantic stories like, Brief Encounter, LA Story, You've Got Mail, and Dave : I also like to laugh so Comedies are up there too, Some Like It Hot and I'm one of them!

Favorite Music
Unkle Cracker, Trisha Yearwood, Eric Church, Faith Hill and so many more . . .
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My Dream

this was my dream

Waking, I found myself floating, something melodic running through my head, my eyes remained closed. I could hear breathing, slow and low, hypnotically peaceful. I smile automatically, it’s the effect you have on me every time, but I only remembered to br...

Lunaria annua

Where do we live?

"Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross" the old nursery rhyme goes, but although there are many fine ladies, I'm sure, few if any ride any kind of horse through the streets of this ancient town. If you are lucky you could see me going about my daily business...

Thoughts Take Me

Wherever my day takes me, my thoughts find their own way to their own place..

After a disappointing summer, September began as though any hope of some sun had been cancelled for the year. The first week had squally showers, short but extremely sharp; the second added gales to the mix, it all felt very autumnal. It was during this s...