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Over 90 days ago
United States


I am usualy very guarded. This is the first time I will put any of my work out for others to see. I believe in less is more so my work is usualy short in nature.

Favorite Authors
Dean Koontz, Stephen King

Favorite Movies
Pulp Fiction, Casino and IT.

Favorite Music
I like it all.
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We do this everyday and don't even think about it.

The choices that we makeWe cannot mask or fakeSome right some wrongIt is life’s same old songThe test of who we areIf we have gone near or farDo we stay on this pathOr suffer a fool’s new wrathAlways another one to makeAnother chance for us to takeWe neve...

Mirrors of the Mind

Something we all know but most will not admit.

Mirror mirror on the wall.Why is it the good must fall?Does this world demand sacrifice?Only from those with secret sins and vice.This world its choices are not to clear.Everyone can play this little game my dear.Longing for a ray of hope.All I see is the...

Tick Tock

All of us are on the clock.

Tick Tock New to the world everything is bright.Tick Tock Old enough to know things go bump in the night.Tick Tock A whole new feeling love is in the air.Tick Tock Found out that life is never really fair.Tick Tock The time has come found your one true lo...