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Over 90 days ago
United States


i have joined here mainly to read and so i could leave comments if i wanted to do so.... i will add more as time goes on i am sure.....
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dancing girl

be your true self...always.

... she dances in the driveway, sun creating a long shadow foretelling the woman to come. the song she sings  would not be considered  appropriate for joyous dancing by all who live here. she sings anyway because it seems right to her... in her joy, in he...


everything will be fine

... in early morning waking  there is that fleeing dream. it is almost lucid  as I feel your body  curled behind me... the warmth of my back spoon, gradually cooling. . my heart breaks  under the weight  of no expectation, of never-will-be, of truth. how...

only shame

it is what it is

... we met love  and thought the dreams were true. but now  we avoid love. there is no truth. there is no peace. the abyss grips fearful hearts. the song has changed  and "believe" is no more. grief has been surpassed.  there is only shame.  ...