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1 year ago


Thank you for everything you’ve done

Through the kaleidoscope of colour Grew the rainbow of hope, From the golden rays of light The halo burned bright Above a million guardian angels, And became an army of heroes From which the fight lived on Through the ‘British bulldog spirit’ And lives on...

On this day of memories and mourning, we should remember a beloved SS member and all he accomplished in his too-short life.  Below is a link to his respected and famous poem dedicated to the 911 event. Please take a moment to read and comment.   https://w...

For my friend Ravenpearl. Marcie forever in my heart.   I wish… we had met long ago. Running through the fields as children. Giggling at butterflies tickling our noses. Grass so high it brushed our cheeks as we ran. All those fences climbed on the shortes...

4 years ago

Living Years

On their birthday a tribute to two loved ones I lost

Wondering if you would still know my name or who I was if I saw you in Heaven? I know I don’t belong there and I need to continue to honour that promise you had me make all those years ago, and be strong like you asked and to continue on in whatever I fin...

7 years ago

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

Since you died, this is the second Mother's Day that has come around.Since March of 2013, peace and tranquility aren't things that I've found.You were one of the greatest mothers who ever lived.You constantly thought of others, you always loved to give.Pe...

8 years ago

Twenty Angels

This is a tribute to those who lost their lives in Newtown, CT.

Take away these tears that fallThis waste of life of those so small The hurt that I can't help but feelIn disbelief, it seems surrealTwenty angels up to heavenBarely knew a life they're living Happiness they'll never seeChristmas gifts under a tree His re...

9 years ago

The Stormer

Carrying a torch can get you burnt.

Davina was her name and she pleaded that I should not write this, that I should not expose her to the world. Apologies, sweet Davey, whose standard would I bear if your starlit eyes had not so pleaded. Those days are gone. 1. THE WALL AND THE PEOPLE See w...

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To flourish in hillsGreen and sereneWhere flowers and trees are free to bloom,Grow, multiply and existWithout the fear of ever being harvestedWhere tears fall from a saddened skyAnd moisten the groundTo welcome a new addition to paradise We needn't mourn...