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Realistic Fiction Stories

Realistic Fiction is made up of stories about events that did not happen but could have. These stories seem like real life, with characters dealing with real-life matters.

Realistic fiction stories are contemporary, taking place in the present or recent past, in a setting that is an accurate portrayal of the world as we know it.

The plot, characters, dialogue, and narrative structure are believable.

Loving Her In Silence

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

When they met, he never imagined his life would be so full of love. Though his wife has autism and moderate cerebral palsy, oftentimes acting much younger than her biological age to the point where she sees him as her one and only protector, he loves her...

I Am Viennese (Part three)

After much troubled existence, Mira is unwillingly on the move.

That November night, Mira would later learn, went down in history. It seemed normal enough as the nuns tended the various children in the dormitory. But before they could even get to sleep, the noises from the heart of the city began. Mira thought she hea...

I Am Viennese (Part two)

Mira heads deeper under the Nazi influence

That Thursday, all pupils were called into the minor-hall in the convent, where the Mother Superior, her voice cracking occasionally, told them that under a decree from the German High Command and with immediate effect, the Roman Catholic nuns would no lo...

I Am Viennese (Part One)

An 11year old Austrian girl discovers the reality of Nazi unity

It was 1938 and Mira Wurtz, eleven years old, loved to eavesdrop the gossip of the customers in the grocery store where she bought the weekend bread and milk for her busy Grossmama (grandmother), Jana Kanner. Here in the city of Vienna, talk, for a long t...

The Humming Bird and the Squirrel Cage

Pregnant and homeless, Ivy naigates the backalleys of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

Morning stiff air flowing through a heap of dense trash, segregating the bygone needles with broken glass pipes. Coiling and cycling by the strong gusts, a garbage and substance whirlwind, revolving the matter of excesses rubbish. Consuming in the wake, a...

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I'm glad you're home.

The lake called him from uncertain dreams at dawn. Today was the day. He awoke. Frost covered the edges of the windows. Through the clear glass at the center of the pane he saw the snow still blowing hard. Its vehemence contrasted sharply with the warm ca...

Trigger Happy

Escape is a mere missed calculation away.

She thought it but dared not speak. Marie leered at her daughter instead. She loved Tammi, but at that moment, Marie didn’t much care for her. Her child’s actions angered her. They embarrassed her. They reeked of weakness, failure, and regret. “Why, Biscu...

The Locket

Lily finds a locket, and so much more.

Lily Burke walked the beach every morning as long as it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. On the weekdays, she walked briskly to keep in shape. But on the weekends, she allowed herself to meander along the shoreline, looking for shells to add to her already o...

When you kill a man, you take away everything they have, and everything they will ever have. It’s a big responsibility. It’s not something I enjoy, but it’s the only thing I’m good at. I don’t just go around killing people for fun. I work for my governmen...

Into the Night

The final refuge.

Telephone poles whipped past her, each separate in her headlights but blurred and indistinct. The girl was traveling north. She drove the speed limit along the two-lane federal highway. Into the night she drove once more. Alone, heading towards the big ci...

The End

Tragedy can either draw people together, or push them apart...

~ The End ~ Becky Patterson sat in the dimly lit room, her head bowed slightly, staring blankly into space. She neither knew nor cared how long she’d been there. Finally she heard a light rap on the door, which opened before she could respond. “Excuse me,...