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United Kingdom


I am currently writing my first novel and also I'm enjoying writing short stories too. My work is generally character based and usually emotional but not always.
I'm 47 and an ex English teacher. I retired early as I have Multiple Sclerosis. It doesn't define me but I happen to have it. This has however, given me the time to write and I am loving it!


Favorite Books
Othello by Shakespeare
The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
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Could February get any worse?

Inspired by my own true story...

Yesterday was Friday 13th February. Friday the 13th; the most unlucky day. Sally Smith tried not to believe in such superstitions. Her naivety ended with a trip to the Neurologist. The numbness couldn’t be explained away or ignored any more. It had, slowl...

It will be a warm day in Hell...

One woman's tale of a warm day in Hell...

It will be a warm day in Hell... It was the largest meeting in Hell (Michigan) that I could remember. The Town Hall had been taken over by TV crews from all over, for their annual conference. They had been snowed-in for the last three days. Yes, they were...