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true story

Silent Movie

Please don't do this, I was thinking but he did.

I had plans for my time in lock-down, today. First, breakfast and then the usual ablutions. After some dusting and cleaning, I had decided to sit down and get to grips with some writing but, the best-laid plans and all that...   I was in no hurry. I didn'...


The DEATH took away an iron man after 80 hours lying under the three layers of concrete

The story is telling us about a simple man, how much he persevered with his passion for life.

Based on a true story, which took place in Sichuan, China after a massive earthquake on 12 May 2008.In his last few words, he said, ‘I am the first one who is lying under the three layers of concrete in the world. I don’t have any great ambition in my lif...

My mind

A wonderful poem. Take the time to read it.

My mind challenges me, I think it hates me. It laughs at my misery. Then drowns me in misery. My mind is evil. It killed my heart. My heart was lovely. Now it's dead. My mind is unhealthy. It corrupts my brain. It hates my everything. And makes my everyth...

An old dream of mine came through today, I interacted with you and you almost pulled my heart away. You started the conversation and I was happy to reply, You noticed my nervousness and I think you knew why. I held you close as we waltzed around, And to o...

This is an absolute true story that happened on 3/17/2011. *(Names have been changed.) My soul mate. Don*, and partner of many years had passed away quite unexpectedly about a week earlier. Due to a number of circumstances, the funeral was not scheduled u...