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Finding Life and Losing Faith

I can no longer view life the same way as before.

As we sat down sipping our tea from our teacup around the dining table, the sister superior welcomed and thanked us for volunteering to help them. The three of us were handed the guidelines, explaining to us the work we could help out with. I went through...

Could February get any worse?

Inspired by my own true story...

Yesterday was Friday 13th February. Friday the 13th; the most unlucky day. Sally Smith tried not to believe in such superstitions. Her naivety ended with a trip to the Neurologist. The numbness couldn’t be explained away or ignored any more. It had, slowl...

Out of body experience

I found that I was floating above my body.

Pain my old friend Here to visit me again Know that it will never end. I would try to transend My consciousness’ domain Know that I can depart And I can out smart My leaden body A shell from my soul apart So useless and unsteady So up here hovering Near t...

September 11

How I remember September in 8th grade

Flash Back Age 12“What's going on?”“Some guy accidentally crashed a plane into a building in the city”Laughs.“No. Really. People are dead.”Laughs stop.“What? Like a large plane?”“Yea”Just then a teacher went by crying... a male teacher. Skyler, who's conc...