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I'm Tiula, I love writing stories and particularly mysteries. I have my own website of them, at

Writing and dancing!

Favorite Books
As I said, I'm a big fan of mysteries. "And then there were none" by Agatha Christie is a favourite of mine, creepy and not quite the traditional detective story. I also like things that explore the psychology of humans, for example "A Judgement in Stone" by Ruth Rendell and books that ask us questions, like "My Sister's Keeper". As a reader, I can't bear to be spoon-fed, and would rather read something that asks me a question than tells me the answer.

Favorite Authors
Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie top my list. I also love Anne O'Brien and Andrea Ashworth.

Favorite Movies
I love the St. Trinian's films (having once attended the school that inspired them!). I also love anything Hitchcock, my favourite being "The Lady Vanishes".

Favorite Music
Second Person ftw! If you don't know them - and most people don't - check out this AMAZING band that is like nothing else. I'm also a big fan of Paloma Faith.
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Before the creak of keys in the door, came the cacophony of jeers. It swelled in volume until almost painful on the ears, dying to a faded moan after a few long minutes.The man, in the end cell, closed his eyes in the hope that it would soften the assault...

A Key for a Key

A script I'm currently working on is eluding me, so I wrote the following to try and work around it.

"Ayyyy?"Abigail gritted her teeth. Why couldn't her father ever, not once, manage her full name? She was simply a sound, a noise emitted from between filthy lips when he needed to refer to her. The screech of her first initial was his calling-cry when he...