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Jail Stories


Before the creak of keys in the door, came the cacophony of jeers. It swelled in volume until almost painful on the ears, dying to a faded moan after a few long minutes.The man, in the end cell, closed his eyes in the hope that it would soften the assault...

A Key for a Key

A script I'm currently working on is eluding me, so I wrote the following to try and work around it.

"Ayyyy?"Abigail gritted her teeth. Why couldn't her father ever, not once, manage her full name? She was simply a sound, a noise emitted from between filthy lips when he needed to refer to her. The screech of her first initial was his calling-cry when he...

Life Sentence

What lurks behind the bricked up wall in E-Wing? There's only one way to find out.

“What’s in cell 119?” Albertson looked up at me for the first time since I’d sat down. I’d been building up the courage to ask about 119 for ten minutes, but his expression made me wish I’d kept my mouth shut. He leaned across the desk, examining me close...


One bully gets what he deserves. If only other bullies could get the same.

Punch him down to the ground,Kick an old man when he’s down.Yeah, that’s your style, isn’t it?Cowardly bastard.Fight fair and square? You can’t!But you’re getting yours, aren’t you?Sitting black and blue in that hospital bed, it serves you right.See that...

The Devil's Nest

Frank Baxter was a prisoner in hell on earth, The Devil's Nest, then fate paid a visit.

It was an anomaly of nature that housed nature’s anomalies. Jutting hundreds of feet out of the cold North Atlantic was an island pillar of jagged rock forming a platform above the frigid waves. Sitting on top was a true hell on Earth. A relic of the Cold...