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Favorite Books
His Dark Materials Trilogy, The Dark Tower Series, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Anne Rice's Beauty Series, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Giver, Animorphs,

Favorite Authors
Tolkein, Phillip Pullman, Anne Rice, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

Favorite Movies
V for Vendetta, Lion King, Bridesmaids, Sucker Punch, Toy Story trilogy, Brave,

Favorite Music
Lady Gaga, Various Soundtracks, Imogen Heap, Pendulum, Nero, Genesis, ELO, Queen, Christina Aguilera, 80's music, 90's music, Classic Rock,
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Skywriters Prologue

the beginning of a very old story of mine

The ship sank.It wasn't like it is in the movies. There were no fancy explosions or any of that out of control pomp and circumstance. After three days at sea, it simply slid beneath the glassy surface of the water like a retreating shadow at dawn. There w...

The Barren Woods

A little something I wrote for my Creative Writing Class! Please Rate or Review! Thanks!

The Barren Woods When did, in the late spring of my years, the forest become so barren? Wandering, I can only find trees, with roots watered in booze and twigs of glass that whisper in the dark. The trees crumble to ash when I touch them, sweeping away in...