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........ I'm psycho. I have gone mad. I'm waiting for hell to become alive. I want it to burn me. Numbness is my worst nightmare. Come n get me......I'm waiting

Nah nothing at all

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shattered mirror

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don't have a bias

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Death metal
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the last piece of the puzzle

to one i care about but vanish

Never noticing how empty I have become. Time has pass me by. 2 x Loneliness Is the only thing you have left behind? Just barely holding on, I suck in your last images in my mind. I fall and trembled,but I keep continuing to ran. Where are you at? Left and...

what he suffers

what he suffers everyday

The words just don’t come out. Never knowing what to say. The pain within you pours out,but no one sees it. You write your shame painfully over your body. Memories and painful words Play over like a song. You live like no one can harm you,but you’re just...


i wonder why father hurt me. why?

You cry out but I refuse to hear. You don’t longer have a place here. Can’t you get that through you skull? I know, I know You are the one who give me life, but I can’t change the fact you’re the one that kill me through your foolish actions. 2x Back off!...