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Shame Stories


The Apology

After a humiliating experience, a son has to face his father and the impending consequences.

I'd always found it odd seeing my brother as a father. I still remembered when we were kids, running around on the playground acting a fool. And now, he had a kid. When John had asked if I wanted to come with to pick him up, I'd said yes. Any chance to se...

Hashtag, Me Too

This is for all the silent survivors

She hides in plain sightA hint of melancholy on her faceOnce happy and free She is now lost in the prison she's made in her mindWalls she has built with steel and stoneShe makes jokes and laughsInside she is dyingHer pain betrayed by a painted on smileSha...

Broken inside

Becoming empty

Broken inside My pain hides behind empty smiles Nowhere to turn nowhere to go Helpless I have become Feeling like a walking mat Only here as temporary relief Once I'm used I'm thrown away Scared to speak no one will listen Who I am on the inside they are...

Faces of my Past

Is it too late to make peace with past memories?

I do dwell too often on the pastabout things I had no control If I told all it would likely flabbergastthese memories from so long ago I am ashamed when being askedof the things that happened then Forced so young to grow up far too fastmy childhood stolen...

Where Tears Reign

A plea from somebody with depression who seeks understanding for what she can't explain.

Here tears reign,And Self cannot be pulled togetherWhen Self is screaming, torn asunder,Where empty shell is welling up whilstEyes of others rollAgainst the failings of thisSelfish child,So called becauseShe cannot rule whatOthers hide and stow away.'Mids...

what he suffers

what he suffers everyday

The words just don’t come out. Never knowing what to say. The pain within you pours out,but no one sees it. You write your shame painfully over your body. Memories and painful words Play over like a song. You live like no one can harm you,but you’re just...

Raven- .:I Need You:.

I don't deserve you... but I need you to love me - Barlow Girl, I Need You To Love Me

She steps towards him, arms crossed over herself, head down in shame, but eyes up, looking at him. "What's wrong, hun?" A few tears slip down her cheeks and she bites her lip, shaking. "I know I'm soiled... but... please don't leave me. I need you." His a...

Raven- The Ways of Violence

From the point of view of Raven, yet another character of mine...

“There’s nowhere to run, so let’s just get it over…”­ -Evanescence, Snow White Queen. I’m strong, a survivor. I can’t understand why I crumble. -Ellen Hopkins, Identical. People won’t look at me anymore I am soiled, an angel fallen, no longer pure. I am b...

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Past Memories

Is it too late to set myself free?

Do I dwell too often on the pastabout things I had no control If told all they would flabbergastmemories of another time Ashamed I am when being askedof things that happened then Forced to grow up way too fastchildhood stolen from me Did I deserve to be l...

For Passover: No Passing Over

reflecting on occupied Palestine and liberation on Passover

Even in escape, there’s no escape, no opening of waters, no Promised Land,no paradise, no freedom if the Sinai that was crossedso long ago is littered now with bonescrumbling in that sandand broken hearts are screaming anguished criesand tears from longin...