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Over 90 days ago


Veritas means truth in Latin. Is it a cliché name? Sure. I like to think clichés can hold meaning though. My current life motto is "aequitas veritas," which means "truth and justice."
I'm pretty fun to get to know. I love to write and I love to read and to find a site that allows me to do both was a truly wondrous discovery.
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Sometimes I want to warn people that I am a ticking time bomb, a lit fuse, and dynamite in motion. I want to tell them not to get too close to me because I will hurt them, not before I hurt myself, but I will hurt them. I want to tell them I’m sorry, in a...

55. The age of post-midlife crises and doctor visits. Backs cracking, heels tapping, salsa lessons with two left feet. Getting out of bed is a little harder, you slumber a little deeper. So many pills you can’t even count them. The age of watching childre...