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A New Beginning

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I just needed a new perspective in my life.

Over the years I got preoccupied with work.  Especially after my divorce. I worked all the time to preoccupy my thoughts so I wouldn’t become too bitter.  It helped for some time, but all I felt was emptiness.  A sense of longing was what I was looking for. Companionship?  Relationship?  Time away from my troubles?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I needed all of that and more.  My self-imposed exile would be ending.  I decided to finally take a leap of faith.  I called my boss and told him I needed some time off. I wanted to take a short vacation.  That night I message an online friend and told her not to make any plans for the weekend.  I was flying over for a fun-filled weekend, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company,

“Where are we going, Bret?

“Anywhere you want to go, Alexa.  You pick.”

“Ok, Bret.  Hop a red-eye flight and get over here.  I’ll let you know where we are going when you get here.”

“Sounds great Alexa. I’ll email you my info for everything. It’s my treat.  I just want some real company.”

“Awe Bret, That’s so sweet.  Now get going so I can make my calls and you can pack to get over here.”

I hung up with Alexa to get my bag packed.  I grabbed my laptop and sent my info to Alexa. Then, I grabbed a quick bite to eat before I headed home to grab a bag. I just needed a few things. Anything else, I could buy when or if I needed it.

I headed towards the airport and got there by nine pm.  Once we were in the air, I managed to get comfortable enough to grab a few hours of sleep.  Alexa met me as I stepped off the plane. We got into her vintage Chevy Chevelle and headed to our destination.  An hour later we pulled into the hotel. It would have been thirty minutes, but Alexa drove as slow as a turtle on the highway.  Cars flew by us on both sides.

Now here it is two weeks later, and we are still here in our hotel at the beach.  We haven’t left each other’s sides.  And we don’t really want to.  We’ve had some serious discussions and we decided that Alexa is coming back home with me.  Time does heal all wounds.  I no longer have that empty feeling in my life.  It has a more sense of purpose now.

Who knew a friend online could be the key to my happiness?  It just took me to take a chance and book a vacation with a friend.  I never thought it would lead to finding my happiness again.  Who knows? We may get married in the future.  We are just taking it one day at a time.  Needless to say, we will be taking lots of vacations to keep the romance alive.  I made lemonade with the sour lemon that life threw at me.


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