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Mendalla 1 year ago

The Goddess Dances

A goddess learns joy from a little girl

Talala looked down on the city square of Tantovar and smiled. Around her, people danced in a throng that filled the square. The rhythmic beat of hand drums and skirl of pipes filled the air with joyous sounds. “If only I could dance with them,” thou...

Beesting 1 year ago

Year End Bash [S2] – A Fuel Story

As the end of the year approaches, the F-X racers look to finish off at the top...

13th of December – Season 2  Growing up with a legendary racing father, Beatrix Honeycomb had learnt how to tell the difference between having skill and having talent. In fact, it was this ability that made her reali...

DirtyMartini 5 years ago

This Day Is Yours, It Belongs To You (Happy Birthday)

A birthday poem written by request of a friend over on Facebook...

This day is yours, it belongs to you,Do anything that you desire to do.Watch your favorite shows, eat your favorite food,Do anything that puts you in a good mood. Your friends are here to celebrate too,This day is yours, it belo...

DLizze 8 years ago

4th of July Story

How Jimmy lost his finger

Jimmy was born on July 5, 1897. Until he was five or six, he believed all the parades and excitement on July 4 th were in celebration of his birthday. He was a little disappointed; when in the first grade, he learned they were not. He was an intel...

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CKAcres 9 years ago

Darkness or Light

Even turbulent swirling dark clouds carry images of joy

Even in the darkest sky there is light.Look hard not a quickened glance,light is there to see. Even turbulent swirling dark clouds carry images of joy, that display in time.Where nothing good seems be. The darkest...

DirtyMartini 10 years ago

The Next Celebrant Might Be You

Dedicated to all the members of the of luck to all in the coming year...:)

Stories Space celebrates its first year,Congrats to Lisa and her crew,But it’s the members of the site,Who have reasons to celebrate too.Miss Sprite took first place in a contest,And Xuani won money as well,Lady Sharon sold a c...

jennyryan 10 years ago

Now and Then

thoughtlessness can have a longlasting effect

Now and Then. Judith swirled her glass of Chardonnay and raised her glass in a silent toast to herself. She knew that she had never given a better business presentation and she thoroughly deserved the multi-million pound order which...

DirtyMartini 10 years ago

Maria's Chance To Celebrate

Whoever said girls like her never amounted to anything never met Maria...or her daughter Rose...

Maria would never amount to anything. Girls like her never did. It wasn’t like she really had any choices, that’s just the way things were and everybody with any sense knew it. To think otherwise would be mere folly. Girls in her part of town never amount...

DirtyMartini 10 years ago

If It's Worth Reading, You'll Find It Here.

Can't imagine what inspired this one...Happy Birthday Stories Space...:)

In the mood for something to read?Then of my advice you best take heed.If it’s worth reading, you’ll find it here,On a site that’s celebrating its very first year. Looking for adventure that packs a thrill?Or a crime drama that end...

orangepink 10 years ago

Happy First Birthday, Andrea!

It's my daughter Andrea's very first birthday - yet, there's no celebration!

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, ANDREA! December 13'th. The day dawned cloudy and gray. Such uninspired weather for such a monumentous day. It was the day of my daughter Andrea's VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! My mind kept thinking, One year...