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Lunar Eclipse

Your face turning crimson showing your humiliation

Staring into the heavens looking at your full face I can see the look of surprise as I gaze into your eyesStars pale by comparison to your brightness in space Appearing so small and dim as you illuminate the skies I am struck with thoughts of wonder awe a...

31st of April We arrived at Orleans two days ago. Usually when we have marched towards a battle I have wondered which of my comrades I wouldn’t see again, or if they would see me again. I would have wondered how my family are doing, if my little brother h...

A New Beginning

Being rewarded with freedom after a risky escape, is a good reason to celebrate.

“Pst, Anna, can you hear me?”Antonio pushed himself closer into the muddy ground as he crept through the dark underbrush.“Anna, where are you?”Suddenly he heard a squeaking sound.A small animal?There it was again. The voice sounded human.“Anna?”Then he sa...