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Lesson #2: Sometimes It is Socially Acceptable to Throw Your Drink In Someone's Face.

"What happens when you pass up an opportunity."

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Douche bags will be douche bags. We have all probably had a time in our life when someone makes us feel completely vulnerable and used. This date story is a prime example of that.

So, there was this guy I was mutual friends with who I was also very attracted to. Tall, dark and you guessed it, handsome as hell. He also drove a crotch rocket which was über sexy. He and I knew one another through a roommate of mine. We were always flirty with one another and always told stories of previous sexcapades with other suitors. He was known as a player so I always stayed away from anything other than harmless (or what I thought was) flattery. One night in particular we came across each other on Tinder and started talking on there as a joke. He then invited me out for a drink. Well, I had no clue why he wanted to take me out... But I wasn't about to shut his sexy ass down so I agreed to it.

I figured it was just for fun, or that he was about to express his dying love for me. Neither of which turned out to be the case. We meet at a bar downtown and I won't lie, I looked pretty damn sassy. We ordered a beer and the conversation was great per usual! We are talking, laughing, having a great time. Then he tells me that he has a "problem I can help him with." I say "okay, shoot." He explains to me that he is getting kind of serious with another girl and is really starting to like her. While sitting there, I assumed that this was not the date I had hoped it would be. The problem was, that he did not want to miss out on an opportunity to have sex with me because he heard I was talented in bed. What a sweetheart!!!! He goes on to suggest that he would be willing to have sex with me before he asks her to be his girlfriend. Oh my gosh, willing to fornicate... what a gesture!

While sitting across from him in absolute disgust, I tell him to pencil me in for Thursday night at 6 pm. I honestly did not know what else to say to him because I was absolutely belligerent. I kept making smart-ass comments in order to ease my anger. I felt my face turn red and my hairs stand up. I had half a beer left in my glass but was not about to waste my wheat concoction on his sorry ass. I replied with many sarcastic remarks and sat there in disbelief. I could not fathom that this situation was actually occurring. I literally looked around because I thought I was being punked. He was also coming to my house a couple days later for my roommate's party, so I did not want to make it more awkward than it already was. Not only did he make me feel like a fool, but I was forced to still see him around!

After some awkward silence and starring, we left. We have not spoken a word since. I left feeling like a piece of shit, even though I was not in the wrong. How dare someone actually ask me something like that with a straight face and expect me to say yes!! I am still baffled by his assholeness to this day. No, I will not be your f*** buddy, buddy. I guess my lesson from this date was that I should have taken the opportunity to throw my craft beer in his face.

Written by bolinball27
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