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Men Stories


Lights in the Darkness

Lights calling out into the dark

Men are simple creatures lost in the darkness And Women are the light that disrupts that darkness   Some are Fireflies their light soft and momentary Only illuminating the darkness in brief flashes But those moments are enough for some to stay with the Fi...

Douche bags will be douche bags. We have all probably had a time in our life when someone makes us feel completely vulnerable and used. This date story is a prime example of that. So, there was this guy I was mutual friends with who I was also very attrac...

(Mis)Adventures in Plumbing

A husband's misguided journey into the world of do-it-yourself plumbing projects.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I walked down the stairs into the living room where my lovely wife had assumed her normal position. “On Monday, remind me to call the home warranty people. My bathroom sink’s cold water lever doesn’t work any longer,” I re...