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AnnaMayZing 1 year ago

The Party

He felt his stomach lurch, the contents rising...

The music pounded in his ears, vibrating through his head. “Oh no,” he thought. I've got to go home.” He closed his eyes, the flashing of the disco lights made his eyes hurt. He could hear the guests shouting above the throbbing rhythm. He vowed tha...

"Merry fuckin' Christmas," I said to myself as I walked across the parking lot and entered the barThe Cork and Bottle was a neighborhood joint that had a reputation for attracting a rough crowd. I wasn't worried as I could give better than I got...

Christmas time has come around once more. People were flooding stores buying up whatever gifts they could before time ran out. Houses were decked in lights and all sorts of inflatable Santas, snowmen, and animatronic reindeer. Here and there chimney smoke...

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The_Count 8 years ago

Wedding DJ 4

Drinking stops your thinking.

Some wedding couples need to remember that their bridal costumes will not give them a super human tolerance to alcohol.Example: At one reception I was asked by the groom how soon could we start the bridal dance, I was puzzled as dinner had just st...

My base was the Presidio of Monterey. The Defense Language Institute, West Coast, to be exact. I was studying Spanish to be a linguist in the Navy. It was a 24 week course. I felt lucky to be there. It was lovely. And I had an aunt not 2 hours away in Cup...

kitkat02489 8 years ago

My Wall Divided

First love changes you

Before I begin, I would just like to say that I’m not proud of most of the things that I’ve done. I’ve always put myself into certain situations without any regard for the consequences. My story isn’t as intense as some others might be, who have written t...

Rascal 8 years ago

Hangover Luck

the lucky boozer

I wantit made crystal clear that this story is certainly not based on personal experience but after talking to my wife's side of the family I've learned a few things. Ooooh, Where's that aspirin, it's supposed to be right here....

mhend90 9 years ago


He didn't remember seeing Chris at the party, but it's obvious now that he was there.

What the hell did Idrink last night? I thought, head spinning as I came into consciousness. Trying to think past the crippling post-alcohol agony I focused on the details that led to there being a crippling post-alcohol agony in the first pl...

elitfromnorth 10 years ago

Der Untergang

Maybe a copyright infringement of the movie, but it fits. If you don't know the phrase, google it.

Der Untergang She was a regular mom. Well, maybe not a regular considering she ran her own business, but other than that she wasn’t any different than anyone other average mom. She loved her kids, loved her husband and did what she could...