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My First Time

"A poem about my first time."
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Published 8 years ago
I was nervous,

As you might expect.

When he reached for me

I was shaking.

I wanted to back out,

But he wouldn't let me.

He, being a man,

Wanted me to do it.

Needed me to do it.

Deep down, where my passion

Lies, I wanted it too.

All he had to do was

Gently nudge me along.

I confessed to him,

"I've never done this before".

And it showed, it showed

All over my body.

He told me I would

Like it as we settled

Tightly into our position.

We started ever so slowly.

The anticipation of the climax

Was better than I had been told.

He said it had been some time

Since he had last partook in

The thrill of it all.

As we reached the first peek,

The pace suddenly quickened.

The exponential change was

A surprise to both of us.

Faster and faster

Our bodies went.

Pushing and grinding

Into one another.

A look of fear was

Painted on my face,

But also an inferno

Of excitement was in my eyes.

It was clear that

He didn't want to stop.

Even if I did,

It was too late now.

Our bodies were pressed

Together for what seemed

Like an eternity.

I was surprised at

How vocal I became.

I kept screaming and

Shouting words to my deity;

Holding on to him

The entire time.

We started rolling now,

Hard and fast. Going

Up and going down, while

Moving in perfect unison.

He was thinking of his

first time, that was clear.

The thrill of doing it

With someone was so much

Better than alone, he said.

Then I wondered why

I had waited till now.

What had held me back?

I then looked at him and knew.

I was waiting for him.

I wanted him to be my first.

And I was. He said he was honored.

What seemed like forever

Was over in two minutes.

We were breathing hard

And sweating as we

Felt a sudden jerk and

Stopped just as fast

As we had begun.

We sat in silence

For a moment, taking

In all that had happened.

Then we heard the inevitable

Click of the bar. And

As we left the roller coaster,

He asked me how I liked it.

I just smiled, looked him in the eyes

And said, "Let's ride it again".

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