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Shame on Us

When the shooting happened everyone tried to use it to promote their own agenda.

We use clever pictures, witty words,And celebrity quotes to say the things We are unable. Tragic moments bringOut the worst side of us. There is noHeart in what we say, only the convictionOf what we believe to be true. Are weRight? Does it matter in times...

The Rain

A poem I wrote when I was down but not out.

It's raining again.The drops fall like brittle, cold flecks of ice.On the porch I watchas the puddles overflow.The weather reflects my mood.Dreary.The shadowing clouds abovelet me know the rainwon't let up.It never does. Seems likeit's been raining my who...

Fallen Snow on Christmas Day

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago when we had a white Christmas.

The pines are hanging lowWeighted by the new fallen snowIt looks as though the cloudsHave fallen to the ground belowThe white replaces the greenMaking a winter wonderland sceneAnd the woodland creatures aboutMake all your senses keenSnowflakes falling wit...