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No One Needs To Know

My attempt at a first line story prompt for Tams

To everyone in the room, she seemed just like a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. She stood alongside her husband and the other helpers, preparing food parcels for the homeless and needy. "Is that who I think it is?" asked one volunt...

An old couple meet at a coffee shop. “Harry! How are you doing?!” “Hilda! I’m doing well.” They hug and Harry pulls Hilda’s seat out for her, removing his hat and putting it on the table. “Can I get you something?” Hilda asks. “Just my usual two cents,” H...


An Echo Rings

A heartbeat can be a story in itself

An echo rings. It is a heartbeat; or maybe two. Shall we guess, or do we know? An echo rings. It’s in my mind; maybe you hear, too? Maybe you hear two? An echo rings. It is there. It is here. It is one. It is our heartbeat; a destined union. An echo rings...


Hamlet and James Dean Died Young

Young couple, once in love, now estranged: they discover that Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a reckless, d

about 2200 words Hamlet and James Dean Died Youngby James Foley In Virginia, an hour’s drive south of D.C., there’s a huge white house—built in the 1890s out on a point on the Chesapeake. And this summer when I drove there for a Wednesday-evening literary...

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Lover's Death Pact

We'll be together forever (Inspired by my cover art)

Our families don't want us together I love you with all my heart In death, we can be eternal lovers We must now depart Our death will be very quick We'll die instantly Other's will think we were sick I love you unconditionally We'll kiss until our dying b...

You know that guy?That Lies Cheats DeniesHe was once Lied tooHurt Denied the truthNow he plays gamesWith heartsSoulsTearing other's apart He needed more in lifeRelationshipsFamily Not just hardships ------------------Remember that girl? Who dancedLaughed...

Kisses I send You

So happy you're back

I was feeling so sad when you leftBut today you came backThere's no more stressOur love can get back on trackTo see that you logged onKnowing your departure wasn't meYou're here now and not goneMy heart and soul filled with gleeWe're bound by a virtual co...